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Update on recent Fatty Liver


I finally saw the Hepatologist and she is doing a battery of blood work testing on me and suggested that she wants a MRI done on the liver and a liver biopsy. My health insurance has a large deductible. Since MRI’s are rather costly, is it prudent to skip the MRI? Or just do both of them to get a better idea of where my liver is on a NASH Scale? Since being first diagnosed, I have lost 10 lbs and doing a Mediterranean type diet. I have been experiencing an increased problem with my reflux and bad heartburn issues. The heartburn/nausea and lower cramping pain espisodes that last for 24-48 hours and nothing seems to relieve the problem. I just wait it out, which is not fun. I am trying to figure out the “trigger”, but have not found the cause yet. I take Nexium once a day. Tums helps a bit, but not for long and the pain just comes back. Any suggestions? Thanks for listening!

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An MRE...Magnetic Resonance Elastography might be a better way to go. It shows liver stiffness with 95% accuracy. Here in Kansas out of pocket they are $300. May cost a lot more if you go through insurance.

An MRE is an MRI that uses "different computer software" and a paddle that goes on your liver before you go in the machine.

**They are excellent for getting the "most accurate" reading of what stage of fibrosis you are in. They are more accurate than a Fibroscan.



MRE, if available is a good alternative, but your doc has suggested both because biopsy is considered to be the definitive procedure and MRI will be looking for things like liver cancer which the biopsy won't show.

Thanks for the good information. I probably will go forward with the MRI if my insurance approves it and I see what my out of pocket expense is.

If you want to live here is what you have to do. No sugar no artificial sweeteners not even honey. No carb not even complex carbs. All you can eat is meat and eggs for 3 months and drink only water no alcohol and you will heal your liver BUT you can’t cheat one time. Do You want to live? The liver will rejuvenate

Onward123 in reply to RLW7831

Hmmm, this sounds like unusual advice.

RLW7831 in reply to Onward123

I thought so too. but after I watched he and his wife in several videos and checked out his credentials (Dr. Ken D. Berry, M.D.

The Berry Clinic)

​and listened to several people that HAD fatty liver disease But no longer have it. I gave it a try. His theory is, as long as you keep adding alcohol, sugar and carbs You will never get rid of fatty liver disease.

Dairy is a big problem if you have acid reflux. Try taking out all dairy and see if it get better in as little as a couple of days.

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