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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Metformin & Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Hi Everyone,

I have been told by my doctor a few months ago that I can't take Metformin for my Polycystic Ovaries because I have a Liver condition/Fatty Liver.

When I saw my Gynaecologist yesterday, she wasn't so sure about that and i've looked online and can only see that it can help.

Metformin is the only medication that will work for my polycystic ovaries and was wondering if anyone else uses it or knows if it's safe to use so I can get my symptoms under control?



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Thanks for posting your question. Because this is a new and growing community you might not get a response on some specific questions right away. If your own online search is pointing in a particular direction then it's probably worth having the conversation once again with your doctor, or getting a second opinion. You could also talk to a hepatologist (liver specialist) about it and get some medical advice about the fatty liver. Hope that helps!


I have NAFLD and NASH and have been taking 1500 mg Metformin daily (3 doses) since 2015. At the moment my liver enzymes have reduced and are almost normal therefore, Metformin has obviously not caused me any harm. However, we are all individuals so please get some professional advice.


That is a very interesting question. I am on metformin as well. My doctor is on vacation for three months, but I will look into this. It might take a while to find a doctor who can give me an answer. My own doctor does not seem to have any answers.

My health is getting much worse. I feel hopeless lately. Thanks for posting!


I am on metormin for diebties. Was never told it to be a problem

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I am on Metformin for pre- diabetes & I was recently diagnosed with NASH stage 3. In my research of NASH I read positive information on Metformin possibly being a good idea with NASH. My primary care physician agrees.


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