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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH

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4 Years post hep c , now Nash w stage 2 fibrosis and mild cirrhosis


Hi all!

I'm a 63 year old woman who was shocked to find I had hep c 4 years ago. I treated w Harvoni for 8 weeks and was cured.

Now I am left with NASH and other liver issues. I'd love to k oy how you all treat your pain or eating to keep your liver from getting worse.

I also have severe diverticulosis and bad ibs-d.

Goid health to you all!

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Hi Moonsta

Pain is such an individual thing we don't have a lot of advice there. We believe that a liver friendly diet can help reduce pain but it is so different for each person. Here is a link to a lot of information about diet that may be of some help to you.



Moonsta in reply to nash2

Thank you!

Hi Moonsta! I understand where you are coming from. I'm 48...I had HepC w/stage 3 Fibrosis(it was called non-a non-b then circa 1989) for years. I contracted it when I was real young; took Interferon & Ribavirin for a year (2008-09)...I beat that. Had my gallbladder removed, about 3 months later I started having pain over my liver. I have had digestive problems for a years from the HepC but, NOW they say I have NASH F2-3 in one area & F3-4 w/stage 1 Compensated Chirossis, Diverticulitis, IBD/Ulcerative Colitis, & IBS as far as digestion goes. The only thing I can offer is: DIET & EXERCISE...THAT IS YOUR ONLY REAL FORM OF RECOURSE...I cannot stress it enough. Research what ya can, ask questions if you need to, but the main thing is to learn to do WHATEVER you have to, to stop or reduce inflammation. There are a lot of helpful links on this site already that lays all that out for you in detail, so I don't have to go into all the specifics of those. For me personally, it's pretty much what these links suggest...I dont eat processed foods, cut the sugar, OLIVE OIL, low/no salt, VitE, coffee, etc., etc. I DO make myself get up and about EVERYDAY for ATLEAST 30 mins of some type of physical activity (unless it's literally just not physically possible), even if it's just here in the house. It helps me to fight the fatigue and muscle wasting, as well as helping to stay focused on something. Got to try to keep the metabolism up. BCAA helps w/this too.

Probiotics would probably help. They seem to help me to some degree most of the time. I take the live probiotics.

I would suggest getting with a dietitian or nutritionist...things can get overwhelming. From what I know, that's about all you can do. I get on here and learn what I can from others because the doctors can really only treat the symptoms. Thank you for sharing. I keep us all in my prayers...

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