Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Hi there. I have been diagnosed with fatty liver yesterday. Since 20 days, I have been having extreme fatigue and muscle weakness and I am unable to eat food as I used to eat before. I am 27, height 5"8', weight 74. Now my weight has been decreased to 69 within few days. At first when I went to hospital, a blood test was done and I was diagnosed with eosinophilia (AEC = 678). He put me on lot of antibiotics and NSAIDs. My AEC is back to normal, but I started having side effects like numbness in my hands, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, but no fever at all. Then I started noticing that after eating a small meal, my stomach bloats and I can see some swelling on the left upper quadrant; however, it will reside after sometime. So, I went to doctor again, and he ordered an ultrasound in which I was diagnosed with fatty liver (liver size-13.4, spleen-11), remaining all normal. My LFT shows SGPT 50, and indirect bilirubin 0.4, total bilirubin 1, all the remaining were within normal limits. My lipid profile shows HDL cholesterol 35, LDL 104, triglycerides 153. I am very much worried about my health condition. I never thought of having a liver problem at this age. Please help me so that I can gain some confidence. My main problem now is that I cannot eat much food, which is worsening my fatigue even more. please help

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Hi Ramm, we are not doctors so cannot substitute for a physician, but it sounds like you had an infection or perhaps a parasite that the doctor treated but your digestive systems sounds like it is badly inflamed. These are just two thoughts that you might ask your doctor about. In the short term, until your inflammation resolves your challenge is energy and protein digestion. If I faced those problems I would avoid salt, take 60 ml of extra virgin olive oil per day for energy, and take 4 gms of BCAA, a predigested protein powder, at night for protein. Try to eat regular small amounts of fresh vegetables with nuts and seeds through the day. No regular meals just small snacks and don't eat sugar. Try to minimize the stress on your system until your doctor can diagnose you. This is an approach that will help your liver if fatty liver is the issue but from your description, you have had something that happens faster. Fatty Liver disease is normally a slow process. Infections or toxins are the things that normally can be critical quickly. I hope this is of some help, but staying in touch with your doctor is your best choice.



Thank you so much Nash. How are you now? I hope you are doing good.


Hi Rammm

Here is a link about my personal journey if it interests you

thanks for asking



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