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New to fatty liver... spooked


I’m a 59 year old male. A month or so ago I got Gastroenteritis and landed in the hospital taking all sorts of tests. The first words on the CT report was "The liver is fatty". I was told it wasn't mild, it wasn't severe, it was moderate. I’m told my blood work is within normal range and there is no current loss of liver function. I don't know what this means but I'll guess I need to change course immediately so I am.

I'm not an alcoholic but up until recently I drank hard liquor a lot more than I should and have for quite a few years. No doubt that contributes so I stopped and while I've had a single beer on two occasions since this came down, I’m done with the liquor. I assume my drinking habit contributed so am I something different than NAFLD? Either way, does that make a difference where I go/what I do from here?

My father was an obese, very moderate social drinker and had severe fatty liver. Until about 8 years ago I was very active and in great shape, zero meds. I never in my life thought for a second about my weight or what I ate. I'm a pretty healthy eater but I eat too much and as I got older that finally caught up to me a pound or two a year at a time.

I’m down 10 pounds and have 10 to go to match the “Ideal Weight Chart” but this liver thing is on my nerves. I am reading all sorts of stuff, particularly on foods I can and can't eat and some of it is conflicting. Where can I find clear/food diet information I can trust?

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Hi Upstate

You are in an OK place here. Your diagnosis is fairly general but lets assume it is damage by a combination of diet and alcohol. Whether they would diagnosis as specifically one or the other is a nuance but for you the result is the same.

Your first step of giving up alcohol is the most important. When you eliminate a toxin the liver has a good chance to at a minimum stop getting worse and usually will improve. How much is a very individual thing, but if you are doing ok now and maintain you status your prospects of managing it are probably good.

Diet is the other key. Lots of evidence says that a plant based diet is best. There is a lot of information on the website, but here is a link to start.


I to am new to my news of fatty liver, I have received mine due to do diabetes, but this health unlocked has a lot of good and knowledgeable people.

OK do not panic number 1. losing the alcohol was a good move. Change your diet NO FAST FOOD. Keep your diet sort of like the Mediterranean diet. Heavy on the veggies and lighter on the meat. Meats like chicken, pork, keep away from steak. Here is what my doc told me. Go get a egg cooker that also makes omelets I picked one up at Walmart. it cost about 18.00 dollars. make a omelet and wrap it in lettuce (you can nuke the lettuce for about 5 seconds to make it less crunchy if you want. Lunch get turkey, roast beef and ham out of the deli dept. wrap in lettuce eat that. NO BREAD during these two meals. at dinner eat what you like in reasonable portions and you will lose weight. Because the body is eating fat cells at night when you are asleep it will continue to turn fat cells to energy all day Dinner you give it carbs so you don't go crazy and eat a ton of carbs you body still needs cards to make energy. Get a scale and monitor your weight. You will see it begin to fall. STAY ON THIS DIET unless you want to gain it all back.

tnmtlady in reply to utep99

steak and beef are the same. All deli meats are loaded with salt, this is in no way following the Mediterranean diet as the egg omelet also.

I appreciate the advice. A friend told me I needed to "win lunch". Sounds like what you are advocating.

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