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Help day wetting


Hi my girl is now nearly 5.... she’s been wetting herself for nearly 2 years now and she just doesn’t seem to care when she does do it....

I’m pulling my hair out now.... I have tried everything from sticker chart, treats everything....

does anyone have advice

Thanks 😊

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Regular toilet sitting will help. Ensure that she isnt constipated too.

I have tried this a timer and everything I think she’s very lazy.... she deffo isn’t constipated as she’s goes everyday

She can still be constipated and go every day I am afraid. You can get wobl watches for children that will vibrate when the time is to go to the toilet. Patience is key. At 5 you can take the lead and when the alarm goes off take them to the toilet regardless of what they are doing.

Oh that’s a good idea.... but how would u know if she’s constipated thou?

Where can u get these watches from? X

Hi, my daughter is nearly 4 and has daily wet accidents since potty training 18 months ago! We’ve tried everything!! Had a call back from a paediatrician from a referral a week ago. We are now starting laxido for constipation even though she has bowel movements regularly. Her poos were often giant and stinky/sticky/sloppy. Apparently even though there’s not typical signs of constipation 90% of daytime wetting is linked to this- pressure on the bladder, pressure on the nerves. Since starting laxido she had three dry days in a row- which is unheard of! She started small dribbles of wee in her knickers again yesterday so I’ve upped her dosage. Join Daytime Wetting for Children and Teens and Movicol Mummies on FB. They’ve been so helpful. I’m hoping clearing this possible impaction will solve things but if not we have a follow up referral appointment face to face in 4 months. Hope that helps. Good luck :)

Oh that’s great thank you... how did u get the referral in the first place as I have gone through the health team and they came back said my girl isn’t that bad to be referred yet xx

I originally went to see the nurse at my GPs back in February. She couldn’t find anything wrong so I asked for a referral. The appointment was supposed to be at my local hospital In May but it was cancelled due to Covid but I just got a call out of the blue from the consultant there and had a phone appointment. If you do lots of research and have a supportive GP you can just call up and say you would like to try disimpacting your little girl and ask for a large prescription of Movicol or laxido on repeat prescription. It all sounds a little scary but all it really does is add water to the poo to break it down. I tried to contact ERIC but they are super busy but I emailed a lady from Bowel and Bladder UK- she also gave me a call back and gave me some great advise- have a look on their website. Another main thing is not drinking enough can cause the bladder to twitch/vibrate causing accident. Your little one needs to be drinking at least a litre of water a day. I’ve bought myself a measuring jug and started keeping a diary to try and make sense of it all.

Sorry me again lol...

another thing I find strange that my little never has a wee after she’s has had a poo x

Do you mean she doesn’t have accidents after she’s had a poo? Yeah I find if my daughters had a big clear out then the accidents are less frequent or minimal. If she hasn’t pooed for a day then I’m guessing there’s more pressure on the bladder? I find it deffo affects her mood too. So much to think about isn’t there, I’ve learnt so much since being on lockdown and being with my daughter 24/7!

No I mean she’s doesn’t have a poo and a wee at the same time like we all do she just has a poo if that make sense lol

Oh really. Not sure on that one. Does she drink a lot?

Some days she don’t stop and other days like today she don’t wanna know

Omg ur a star thank u so much xx

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