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How to get help for wetting

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Hello, I’m sorry if this has been asked, I’ve searched but I’m struggling to find out.

Daughter is 5.5, never been dry (day or night)

Tried everything.... even reward charts 🤣

Doctors checked, she isn’t constipated “she’ll get it one day” was the advice.

I’m at breaking point, it’s ruining our relationship, I’m always on edge she’ll have an accident or asking if she needs a wee (I know we shouldn’t do that, the private toilet trainer taught us that before she said she couldn’t help anymore 😭)

What do I do?


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I'd get a second opinion just to rule out constipation. We were told my youngest wasn't constipated but an x-ray showed he was and it was deep in his pelvis and couldn't be felt from the outside.

Don't take 'She'll get it one day'. She's 5.5 and to me it sounds as though something isn't right. Get referred to a Paediatrician. Do you have a local Paediatric Continence Nurse you could talk to? You could also call the ERIC helpline. They're very supportive.

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Thank you, I think she genuinely can't hold her wee for more than a few minutes, she is 100% at home where she listens to her wee watch alarm and we encourage her to go for a try. I all goes wrong when she is at school.

Where do i find a Paediatric Continence Nurse, is that via a doctors referral?

Thank you for your advice.

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Hi, has she had a bladder capacity test done? It's so easy to do - tells how much the bladder can hold. It can be done at home. ERIC can support with how to do that and what else to try.

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redsarah24 in reply to Simneo

Thank you, I’ll contact ERIC and find out how. 😊

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Alicass in reply to redsarah24

You could look on the internet or ask your doctor's surgery. Does your daughter have an overactive bladder? It might be worth getting her checked again then you know what the problem is and can deal with it.

Good luck. Feel free to rant though as sometimes we just have to especially when we've got people who are going through similar things and understand how you feel. Xxx

Hi, definitely speak to ERIC, also don't let the GP rule out constipation unless an x-ray or ultrasound has been done. Constipation is very often overlooked and can be a cause of wetting. What are her poo habits like?!

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redsarah24 in reply to Atz2505

Thank you, she’s fine with poo’s twice a day kinda gal!

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