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Poo ‘accidents’

My son is 4 and has been diagnosed with ASD. He has had poo problems since potty training, refusing to poo on toilet, purposely pooing in pants. We managed to get to a point where he was asking for a nappy to poo. But we seem to have gone backwards for no reason. I can’t remember a day he hasn’t had an accident. Pooing in pants multiple times a day and wetting self. He takes 1 shashet of movicol and that’s helped constipation issues. I’m at a loss what to do, he doesn’t seem to care when he has an accident and school don’t have resources to keep taking him out and changing him. I’m at a loss as how to handle this.....

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Good morning. So sorry that you're having such a nightmare. It's probable that this is not your sons fault and that the constipation causes lack of sensation and he is unaware of when he needs a pooh. If you haven't done so watch the pooh nurses video it's so helpful. Also it sounds like he needs a disimpaction which you can get details of on the movicol box. Good time to do this during the holidays. Good luck!


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