10 + wee accidents a day

Hi everyone, I have a 5 year old girl who has never been dry since she started toilet training 2 years ago. she has had xrays, ultrasounds etc...she sees a Nephrologist every 6 months but basically we are getting no where- Consultant says she has a dysfunctional bladder and just to keep going as we are and to try to get 1 litre of fluid into her a day, she is on movicol sachets.i am just at a loss...as it is so exhausting, upsetting and frustrating that this seems to be such a difficult problem to clear up, it didn't help when consultant said that my daughter could have problem all her life, I have to say it broke my heart to hear that as it is not easy for her to deal with it and she has become more self conscious since starting school.any advice or tips from others that have gone through this and come out the other side would be very much appreciated.I am really glad to have found this forum, didn't know it existed till I read about it in newspaper this week.

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  • Hey, well..... I've just gone through this with my daughter... Guess what's seemed to have stopped it!? Not using fabric softener on her underwear... In fact all bottom clothes...! I stopped using it when she got dry skin a year ago and the constant. weeing stopped and she was dry at night! Thought we were over it... Never thought the two were connected but when her skin got much better, I started washing with it again... Wetting started a couple of days after.! .. Still didn't connect the two until 6 weeks into the constant wetting and wet nights and I'd had enough and had this epiphany about her knickers as I am sensitive in this area to fabric softener! I rewashed everything in fairy POWDER and a week later no more accidents! I could not believe it. Maybe it was coincidence but I can't think of anything else it could have been! I didn't change anything and the weeing stopped...

    Ive read allergies in kids can cause wetting so don't know why I didn't think about it before but it has stopped the constant wetting at least... (Still got another couple of battles to get over but that one is at least sorted) ... Give it a go.... It can't hurt to try... I'd be really interested to know if it helped or not!

  • I'm willing to give anything a try, I will do that from now on, Thanks for the tip Wagamama & thanks for your reply

  • Wow, I've never heard that one before but am absolutely going to try it too. I have really bad hayfever and so been on the watch with both girls for allergies to appear but never once considered that it might have impact on toilet control.

    I've tried so many different things with no success so thanks for giving me a new idea - can I just ask why you put POWDER in bold, I use the liquid tabs so just wondered if the powder is different?

  • Heya, I will be soooo happy for you if this helps you... Because honestly, my daughter has completely stopped the wetting accidents! It just HAS to be this that's helped... My friends little girl has allergies to soya, milk and kiwis and she noticed that when she was reacting to some of these, if she had eaten something accidentally she would also wet herself a lot! When she cut those things out, that stopped! . I'm myself very, very sensitive in 'that area' to anything fragranced so can't use body washes etc, even coloured toilet paper! or fabric softener on my undies but never considered a child could be affected too... until now!

    Reason why I say powder is because I found the fairy gel and liquid still caused reaction on her skin.. She was itching quite a lot and her skin was quite dry, the powder never seemed to affect her... My sister in law also can't use fairy gel, tablets or liquids either as it brings her out in rashes too...

    I also ONLY use fragrance free baby wipes on her.... And even rinse these before they go anywhere near that area.

    Basically I'd recommend that you try cut out anything that could make her skin react. For my daughter, it was this but it could be anything for your little one. I've still got another battle to get over with my daughter but at least this one, at least for now, seems to have stopped... 🙏

    Keep me posted, would be fascinated to know if it's made a difference... 😘

  • I spent many years working in the cosmetic industry and I can't remember the exact reasons why but I remember learning from one of the lab scientists that for things to be in a liquid form it takes more chemicals. So using solid soap is generally more gentle than shower gel and washing powder more gentle than liquids.

    Liquid hand soap also causes reactions to lots of people.

    Just thought I would add that snippet!

  • Heya, just wondered how you guys got on? X

  • We're still trying and did think it made a difference for a little bit but only with the "dribble" problem, it certainly hasn't done anything for the main accidents. Do think it's helped her at least feel the dampness a little better so it was definitely worth a try. As major positive it gave me something to focus on which help me manage the stress of the whole thing if nothing else.

    We're now pinning hopes on appointment at Evelina which has finally come through for 16th - Yippee!! Did wee diary at the weekend in preparation for appointment and was shocked by how little wee she did each time even though we had mad dashes to the toilet - most were less than 100ml when think full bladder should be nearer 250ml - yet still had 3 (albeit small) accidents during the day. Really hoping that that this will tell them something. Will post more once we've had appointment.

  • Hi I'm new here and just came across this post! Can I ask before you stopped using fabric conditioner, was your daughter showing any other signs of a reaction e.g. Itching, redness? Just wondering before I give it a go. Thanks & I'm so pleased for you with this break through

  • Hiya, no. No signs of anything else as far as visible signs of irritation on the skin. She did actually complain of itching though, but that, I assumed was down to being constantly wet and dribbling urine... However, the two might have gone hand in hand so it's hard to say... But she was itchy at times...

  • I might just give it a try anyway...can't do any harm to go without it for a bit. It's difficult at times, still awake now because I'm googling incontinence diaries amongst other things! Thanks for the quick reply 👍🏼

  • Ah yeah definitely worth a shot... It's an easy trial.... I just found that there is a lot on the Internet on adult incontinence and possible triggers but nothing for kids... Very odd... My friends daughter is allergic to a lot of things, milk, soya cashews etc and she has wetting accidents when she's having an allergic reaction... Can't help but think there's something in that.... For my daughter it was 100% fabric softener.... She's not wet herself once since! Fairy non bio on all her clothes... I'm so pleased, but i really feel for all these other parents who are pulling their hair out... Fingers crossed for you... 😘

  • I put sanitary towels in her pants when she is in school to minimise the distress caused by her classmates seeing the accidents coming through her uniform, but you have me thinking now could these be something that can cause allergic accidents to happen as well- any thoughts on the matter?.

  • Heya, I wouldn't rule anything out but I wouldn't imagine plain, fragrance free sanitary towels could cause a problem. Scented ones definitely can however...

  • Hi Wagamama just wanted to let you know that I have unfortunately had no joy with just washing with non bio powder, still the same amount of accidents. thanks for the idea anyway it was worth a try am glad it worked for you.

  • Hey, only just saw your update. Aww shame it wasn't that answer for you... Would've be great. Have you looked into other things that can irritate the bladder like maybe Food allergies....? Just trying to think of things....

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