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Totally unable to poo

Hi, I just wondered if anyone else out there has experienced their child being totally unable to poo without a high enema? My son is 9 and soiling 24/7. We’ve been to hospital approx 10 times since the 12th Dec. Before that we did 4 visits to the GP from Oct to Dec. We’ve tried everything, but it’s just got worse and worse. He’s having his 5th high enema tomorrow at hospital. We’ve tried micro enemas at home and they don’t work. Thank goodness we have apptmt with gastro paed on Tuesday (which I had to push hard for). He’s also been diagnosed with gastritis this past week (he’s nauseous, vomiting, severe localised pain). He was on such high doses of meds, I think it may have caused the gastritis. The picosulphate did make him open his bowels when he was on 10/15 mls a day but he was howling in agony and losing weight, unable to keep food down with severe pain so doctor agreed to me taking him off it. Anyone who has experienced similar pls reply especially if anything has worked for you, thanks

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