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Daughter can't stop pooing after constipation

Doctor advised to increase Laxido from 2 to 3-4 sachets and prescribed 2.5 ml of lactose twice daily. Lactose to be stopped once daughter had pooed.

This got things moving and she passed a large poo on Wednesday but hasn't stopped since then. The poo since is very soft (not diarrhoea) & she's had some accidents.

Any experiences of this. Is it overflow or her bowel getting back to normal?

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Did the doc advise going back down to a maintenance dose with laxido at a certain point using the Bristol stool chart to help? The bowel is huge so it could be just emptying out. I would ring the doc/ Eric helpline too. Sorry can't be more help.


Hi thanks for replying.

It does seem to be settling down today. She's been for a normal poo & only one episode of staining. I've reduced laxido to 3 sachets so hopefully this will work.

I've been a bit shocked how much she's done over the last 4 days !

I'll give Eric a call too.


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