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Child bloating constipation & pooing himself.


My 4 year old has been pooing himself for over a month now when he is fully potty trained (has been for over a year) but these last 2 weeks he's been really bloated & complaining about tummy pain & saying it hurts when he lyes on front & back. I thought it was just a bit of constipation but lasting this long?? Been doctors but no help just told me to do a food diary for a month but seems along time a month. They didn't feel his belly or anytging. Photo attached of his belly!!

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When my son had this, although he is much older,, when the GP eventually felt his tummy he had a blockage - we then had to do the impaction regime. I would book another appointment for next week and keep taking him back to the GP.

A month is a very long time if he still has a swollen tummy. Is he irritatable? My son is usually quiet happy but I know when he’s starting to get ‘backed up’ ((Sorry)) as he starts getting angry really quickly over really minor things.

To be honest I think he has got moodier easier & wound up eaiser. Thank you you that's what I thought if he's had it a month already & told to wait another month couldn't that be dangerous. I have done a food diary for 10 days & tried a sticker a chat which has helped s bit but is still pooing himself every few days he did it in the bath the weekend thank u for advice u will deffinatly go back next week

Bless his heart he obviously needs some help. Go back to the doctor and insist that he feels his tummy. Would think he needs a disimpaction and then maintenance doses of movicol and possibly senokot. Have a look at the poo nurses video.

Ok I will thank u

Sorry if you already know this, I didn’t before my son had problems. If it is an impaction it basically means a blockage somewhere, he will still poo, but it will come around the blockage and he may not be getting the right signals, hence the accidents. My son starts wetting at night because of the pressure on his bladder too. On the Eric website there is dis- impaction information, if it is that, which I found very helpful. My son had problems for a year before a new GP realised what was going on.

However, I have food intolerance and that makes my tummy swell and upsets my system. I am not saying the GP is wrong, but I would keep going back until it is sorted out.

Still the same if not worse he's constantly bloated not doing many pois back to doctors today

Few months on docs told me to stop giving mevicol because pooing agen but he's having atleast 2 accidents a week but today had 3 in one night one was big others like farts but in pants & bit thick. Pops loose in pants. Can't get anywhere any advice??

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