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4 year old constipation / withholding

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Hi I am new here and looking for advice for my sons who is 4.

We have had ongoing issues with him withholding poo for the last year. To start with potty training went fantastically then he realised he could hold the poo in so he didn't have to stop playing. This has resulted in constipation and many rounds of Movicol. Unfortunately none of my previous Dr explained I had to keep giving him Movicol after the 'large poo' had been passed which meant after a while we were back in the same position.

We have just started another round of Movicol and the poo is constantly leaking out of him. There has been no 'large poo' yet and he has been taking it for 2 weeks - can I assume the blockage is gone? Should I reduce the amount? He is on 5 sachet as day at the moment but I don't want to reduce only to find the blockage is still there and the runny poo was leaking past it.

Has anyone got any advice - my Dr told me to reduce then stop completely but stopping goes against everything I have read!!!

Please help!

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You are right not to want to stop completely as you need to stick with a maintenance dose and stick with this for a good while. For us this was one sachet per day and after about a year or so slowly cut down. Regular toilet sittings at same times each day to try and train the bowel. Even if no poo comes out during the sit it is good discipline for the future. X

Hi, please watch this video. It offers great advise on how to take movicol and how to find a maintainance dose. These 'poo nurses' are fantastic. I believe all GP's should watch this video as too many of them do not understand the basics of constipation.


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Thank you so much for posting this link - excellent, clear and concise information. I am actually going to watch this again with my 11 year old, I think she is at an age where she will find this information quite enlightening!

Many thanks, the Laundrymaid x

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77mummy in reply to Laundrymaid

Glad it was of help x

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bluecow in reply to 77mummy

Grateful for the video wish I'd seen it a few years ago!

Thank you all for the advice - the link was really helpful too. We are trying to get our maintenance dose right now so making definite progress x

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