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Toddler constipation and withholding


Hi, my three year old began potty training in June. She is totally independent with wees but still having great difficulty with poos. She has suffered constipation in the past which has led to withholding. GP prescribed movicol but is very difficult to find the right balance. She sometimes leaks small amounts of poo all day and other days will do one big poo (but nearly always in her knickers and she will try and stop the poo coming). Nothing seems to motivate her! Any advice?!

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Has the GP said anything about disimpacting with Movicol?

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Hi, no they haven’t but she does seem to be clearing her bowels with the dose she is on sometimes just not every day. Then other days she has the frequent soiling. Does this sound like disimpaction is needed?

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It might be worth increasing the Movicol for a while to see what happens and then disimpact if there's no improvement.

My eldest (isn't a with holder) was pooing every other day but had over flow. We're disimpacting him for the second time this half term. Disimpacting doesn't do any harm. We've disimpacted my youngest 5 times since Christmas and it's really helped him.

Good luck. Xx

Hi, I'm in a similar position with my daughter, except she's sometimes having wee accidents too. I've been recommended a good book called Constipation, Withholding and Your Child which really explained things. From what I know the poo leaking could be a sign of constipation still. It's so emotionally and physically draining isn't it? Just wanted to show solidarity and support, you're not alone.

You might try a really good foot massage a half hour after meals. Being touched often stimulates normal peristalsis.

Hi, how has the potty training been going with your children and their movicol? We have just started potty training after using movicol for 7 months as my daughter was asking to use the potty. Our GP also said to go with it....

I have also read stories that it can actually help with constipation and withholding so we are giving it a go!🤞🏼

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