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Bedwetting alarms for Nocturnal enuresis


I have a 7 and a 6 year old, both are still wet at night. We have not had a single dry night and sometimes are changing bedding 2/3 times each.

We have been under the paediatrician and changed diets, limited times of fluids, now on Movicol to see if bowels are making a difference.

We have also been told to try bedwetting alarms.

Has anyone got any advice? Feels like it’s just us at the moment. 🙁

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To start with, you're NOT alone... Just read all these posts to know you're not alone. 1 in 4 is still wet at that age... So statistically, there should be 2 other people in my son's class going through this, but no one ever talks about it... (I have an 8 year old who wets at night and occasionally during the day and has been told he has an overactive bladder).

Just wanted to write about changing the bed.... I hope you do it the clever way??! A friend told me about this: you need to double/or even triple sheet the bed. So you have the mattress and mattress protector as usual, then disposable pads, then you have a fitted sheet, put some disposable pads on that, then another fitted sheet (repeat 3rd time if you think necessary). This means that when they come into you having wet the bed in the night, you don't have to start making the bed. Simply remove that wet fitted sheet and the wet pads, throw them in the bathtub/shower to deal with in the morning, and then they can climb straight back into bed and hopefully fall asleep again quickly. No struggling trying to put down more pads, leaning across putting sheets on etc. We also have a duvet protector which is like a duvet cover, but it goes on the duvet and under the pretty duvet cover. Just acts as a barrier so that you only have to wash that, rather than the duvet.

Hope this little tip helps. Good luck and remember you're not alone x

JessGirl in reply to JBT1

Thank you JBT1, yep we do that way with the beds.

We are still looking to find the cause, if any, as bladder has been looked at, now bowels. X

Sarah01234 in reply to JessGirl


I was just wondering if you got anywhere with alarm research? I’m at my wits end! We had 2 dry weeks over Christmas and thought we’d cracked it, and now we have a wet bed every night again. There are so many alarms out there I don’t know which one to buy!

My son is 7.5 and I’m fed up of washing bedding!! X

JessGirl in reply to Sarah01234

Ive msgd you hun. X

Hi JessGirl - our son is 8, he will be 9 in April and we have tried everything. Again we were told bowel impaction then checked for bladder retention, there's nothing medically wrong with him except that he just does not wake up. I got a new bed alarm just over 3 weeks ago and to be honest, last week I was thinking of giving up as he was wet still once a night at varying times (although not SOAKING as he was in the first few nights but still) Then last night and the night before he went to bed at 9pm-ish and slept all night and woke up dry at 7.45am!! I woke and thought the alarm was broken and expected him to be soaked but no. He said he got up himself and went to the toilet during the night last night which is amazing if he did. He is SUCH a deep sleeper and this is the second time we have tried the alarm but I just don't think he was ready for it before.

It's hard work and tiring but if you persevere, it could be just what your wee ones need! Good luck and keep us posted :)

JessGirl in reply to RMou1982

Thank you, glad to hear it’s working for you.

We have the alarm and will be trying it again to see if it makes a difference this time. X

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