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ED .... no libido

My ED is predominantly due to no libido. Strictly speaking when I do get some arousal mainly around spring/summer and support this with viagra or daily cialis I get a good erection but autumn and winter I have zero interest. I maybe have sex once or twice a year despite me wanting if more often, I have no arousal despite methods of trying to spark some life into me.

I have had high prolactin but GP says this was not relevant. I've got low thyroid, testosterone etc etc. All very low normal. Just none fall into the below normal category and hence no treatment.

Biggest problem along side this is multiple tendonosis. Inflammation in muscles and tendons so I have low level chronic pain.

I go to the gym to try to boost testosterone and exercise, keep fit and look after myself but just wish I could get my libido back.

Any thoughts?

I'm 47

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Are you, in any way, inhibiting yourself from enjoying the thoughts and fantasies that you might like? Not at all to "blame" you for your low libdo; sometimes men simply stop short of allowing themselves to think and feel all out what might turn them on. What do you think?


Thanks for replying.

No, I don't think so. my interests are very varied. I'm not afraid of want I want however there is a clear and marked abrupt drop in interest late summer to spring. I've noticed this year upon year and it's getting worse.


Your chronic pain could be a factor. Have you considered erotizing your pain....making it part of your pleasure?

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Not sure how you do that.

I have back ache, elbow and shoulder pain when moving etc. Also pins and needles (dead arms and legs throughout the night)

I can understand a degree of pain or mild torture is exciting under some circumstances but it's catch 22, I have to be interested in the first place to pursue it.

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Have you tried experimenting with watching different kinds of porn? I know that sounds a bit seedy, but it could really help you find something that turns you on. It could just be that you just don't know what you're into yet/haven't discovered the right fantasy.

You also say you are even less aroused during the winter months - might be worth looking up Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which can make you depressed in the winter and can contribute to loss of libido.

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Have you had Oestradiol levels checked which might be causing the issue


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