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Ok heres the situation. Im a 47yr male currently going through an amicable separation and imminent divorve. I am now seeing a girlfriend of some two months who is 20 years my junior. Prior to my wife and i separating in Dec 2016 we had had no sexual activity for about a year mainly because i had no intetest. Prior to this i had intermittently experienced ED problems during sex with my wife. Now with my girlfriend our sex is truly amazing we both turn each other on immensely. She has told me that no one has ever turned her on so much and made her climax as intensely and as often as i do. Great for my ego and self esteem i know. However i am still having ED issues, initially when we first started having sex i put down to nerves and performance anxiety (having experienced ED before). I now even habe ED when masturbating. My GP has prescribed Sildenafil 100mg and im waiting for therapy/counselling of some kind. As good as our sex is currently even with the PDE5 pills i am able to get a good erection but as soon as we attempt intercourse i lose it. This is driving me nuts, my girlfriend is supportive and says it doesnt bother her as i am more than satisfying her sexually in other ways. All i want to be able to maintain a full erection to climax. Has anyone experienced similar if so what worked for you.

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  • KM4659,

    You indicated your 20 year younger girl friend was having great sex, now you are experiencing ED problem, and it did occur at times with your wife.

    Have you ever considered seeing a Doctor about this. There could be an underlying medical issue. Or just a physiological issue. at age 47, and a 20 year younger sex partner, you should be able to perform like a port star.

    I am just saying there is a possibility of a heath issue, or just I your head for some reason. Something is not normal. You just need to find the problem with help.


  • Hi Roger yeah seen GP given all clear on tests for all the usual suspects and prescribed Sildenafil (little blue pill) just waiting for counselling/therapy to tell me im a fruit loop with issues or some such.

  • Google the Stays-Hard device --nothing else needed !

  • I suffered a similar experience to you, after becoming ill with TB meningitis. I was referred to an Andrology doctor in London who prescribed Tadfil, Sildanifil, muse and the vacuum pump but none had the desired effect.

    Last year I took the plunge and had an operation to have penile implants inserted into the rod of my penis.

    I'm now able to achieve full erections at any time. I suggest you google Penile Implants

  • Hi - I get exactly the same - get hard only to loose it , it kills you & your confidence - I wish there was an answer , I'm going through a really bad patch with a the moment , I take cialis but sometimes even they have little effect, hope you find something , I also tried testosterone boosters

  • I have used the Stays-Hard Device which works for me a 100%of the time !

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