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Inflection Point?... ED Strategy


I'm almost afraid to think my ED issues are changing for the better. Earlier posts gave my history: Oct 2018 RRP, frequent penile therapy/exercise sessions, no response to 100mg sildenafil (viagra) through April 2019, very successful response to Trimix since May 2019. Recently seeing a little "morning wood". Today, an experimental solo session after taking 40mg sildenafil. To my surprise -- a firm erection which I worked to completion. The end-point seemed more pleasurable than with Trimix.

That said, what's the recommendation going forward? Keep taking the daily 20mg sildenafil? Wean off of the Trimix? I have to believe nerves are healing. Not trying to overthink, just looking for feedback and advice.

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That's great news to hear. I'm curious about whether to orgasm is significantly different from what you were used to?

baw1955 in reply to MarkBarnes

Prior to surgery, orgasms were quite predictable. Huge anticipation, ejaculation coupled with short-lived euphoria. Post-surgery, quite unpredictable. Can "hold out" much longer, somewhat control the end-point/climax, and sensation ranges from ... "I finished!!" ... to, my body trembles from head-to-toe. Crazy.

I’m a 69 year old. DaVinci radical prostatectomy. I’ve have variable success with pumps and am now on Bimix with pretty good results. Trying to find the best/maximum dose of Cialis before sex. My doc says 20 mg. No side effects, but no success yet on 20, so I’m wondering if there’s a dose response at high doses. Orgasms are now more a nervous system response than a physical one with ejaculate. They say loss of on sense heightens the others, so I think of it as an wife hasnt seen me walk wobbly after sex for a long time! Thanks for listening!

I don’t think you’re overthinking, but I take a daily dose of Cialis 7.5 mg which I increase to 21.5 prior to sex. No noticeable improvement (yet), but there are studies showing improvement over time with Cialis, viagra, etc. I use Bimix with good results, but I’m hoping that ‘tincture of time’ is the real solution. Until then, we’re all waiting for ‘the miracle’. Sounds like you’re making headway (pun intended)! I’m a retired MD, and it’s alway hard to prescribe Time.

The miracle is here now! Swear to God it is!

Try Giddy and/or Xialla! Brand-new FDA-tested devices. They will put a smile on your face, I predict. They can be used separately or together for even more ED support.

You will be pleased, sir!

Too bad Giddy and Xialla haven't gotten their acts together yet on order delivery -- and there's only been some scattered, weak reviews of Giddy so far.

Like I'm shouting from the rooftops all over this group, get one or both of the new, inexpensive ED devices out there. Giddy and/or Xialla look tremendously effective. I'm waitin' on one of those to arrive.

Blood flow, successfully enhanced, will lead to erections...and libido is fortified with confidence again every time an erection is successful, with or without orgasm.

Go for it, moving forward! I think these will work as well or better without resorting to Trimix!!

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