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Erection dysfunction after prostate removal


Hello everybody, I am new here, I was diagnosed with PC in October 2018 and had a prostate removal in Jan 2019, ever since I had ED and worried that I am less of a man as I can no longer satisfy my wife. I have tried Vigra and Cialis and this is not helping. Frustrated!!

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Welcome to this group. This is a very good bunch of guys who are willing to share their experiences. We have an excellent resource in Tall_Allen, who's had the advanced SRBT radiation treatments (only five are required).

I had IMRT 43 doses. The biggest single reason I'm responding to you is to let you know that, miracle of miracles, there is a device available, now without a prescription, that allows a man with zero erection, partial or full erection to have satisfying intercourse. That's right. I'm not kidding.

The Elator does cost $300, because they make it according to your own measurements.

So, whatever else you may be using for your penile rehab, and you need to have erections generated several times a week, wither with Trimix injections or the clumsy vacuum erection device.

You should be taking the cialis daily because it supports penile blood vessel health.

Your wife will be thrilled with the Elator device!

Good luck and keep us in the loop on what's going on for you.

I had RARP 12/18. "Nerve Sparing" and I am a total skeptic about that term. Anyhow, at13 months I am beginning to get erectile function when I dream -- but nothing I could do anything with. Two of the men in my support group have had penile implants and are (as reportedly are their partners) very happy with return of erectile function.

It is for many men a great loss. For others, not so much.

Hi Verso, I experienced ED following nerve damage after recovering from TB Meningitis. After 8 years of Cialis, Viagra, penile injections and capsules with minimal effect, I came across penile implants.

These transformed my sex life leading to what my other half calls is the best sex she’s ever had in her life.

I also get a lot of pleasure and don’t have the issue of going soft after Orgasm. In fact I orgasmed 3 times in one session 2 years ago so would say with confidence that implants fix the problem

Bikerman65 in reply to Mads1975

I have found this thread helpful, I have Ed after a radical prostectomy in 2016. I have tried everything, viagra, pump, pellets and injections. I am now considering an implant as that is the last option. May I ask about the procedure and recovery time?

Mads1975 in reply to Bikerman65

Hello, I forget the recovery time but I’m guessing that it was 4-8 weeks. With respect to the procedure, a cut is made in the scrotum a reservoir is fitter in the abdomen I think. The pump is added to the scrotum and the 2 rods are fitted into the shaft. It’s performed under general anaesthetic.

I was discharged from UCLH in London the same day that I visited. It was mildly uncomfortable to pee for a few days but was the only discomfort I felt

Verso in reply to Mads1975

I still have the same problem, I have tried Vigra and Cialis to no effect. At the beginning of April, my urologist suggested Mens Clinic International, I am now on injections after every two days, still I don't see any progress. This is stressing me too much in such a way that I have been seeing a psychiatrist and have recently been diagnosed with a severe depression. Like I said before that I feel that it would have been better if I did not wake up from that theatre bed, it pains me sleeping there like a dead man not knowing what my wife is thinking.

Mads1975 in reply to Verso

I would strongly suggest that you speak to your urologist about penile implants Verso. They were never mentioned to me but out of desperation I googled penile implants and I was gob smacked to read that they existed. I was referred to a consultant at St Mary’s Hospital in London who after retrying me on medications agreed to refer me to University City of London Hospital where David Ralph is the most expert specialist in the field.

It’s been life changing for me and having just entered my 40s has strengthened my relationship and confidence tremendously

Hi.. I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer end of 2015. In 2016, I had my bladder and prostate removed, and a Bladder Reconstruction. A few months following I suffered ED. My consultant prescribed 5mg Cialis once a day, not to much effect. I was referred to an ED Nurse, who prescribed 20mg Cialis when needed, also an erection pump if needed.... I do find some success.

Verso in reply to Gareth_G

Thanks Gareth_G, I am seeing my urologist in March, I will have to speak about inceasing the dosage of Cialis and see because for now, the 5mg is not working at all. In the meantime, I will look at my my sexy wife and say: "Eish, if I could change the hands of time!!" 😭😭💔💔

BobJensen in reply to Verso

Good luck.

Verso in reply to BobJensen

Went and saw my urologist, he suggested Mens Clinic International, am still on their injections. I have experienced a bit of erection but not hard enough for penetration. I have recently been diagnosed with a severe depression as a result of this. I also have suicidal thoughts. This is so bad

BobJensen in reply to Verso

I am so sorry. God bless.

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