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Your first time with Trimix

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I have a questions about men (married to women) - about their first use with trimix.

1. How hard was it to tell your spouse that you would use trimix - that it involved sticking a needle in your dick? Was it hard on your spouse?

2. Do you usually administer trimix, wait for a hard on and then start foreplay?Anything that involves an external thing like Oral ED medications or Trimix takes the spontaneity out of sex. In the days before ED, I would be in bed, suddenly get frisky, and the next thing I'd know is I am involved in intense foreplay, and then penetration. With these things, planning takes the spontaneity out. How do you deal with it? How does the "Mrs." deal with it?

3. Is there any other advice that you might give to a first time user of Trimix to bring back the magic of sex?

15 Replies
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when my wife wants to head to the bedroom , or feels like we will play shortly she asks me " did u take your shot" ? I quickly shoot , about 5 minutes im rock hard and then we just taKe it from there. sometimes we jump right in , sometimes w wait a while , eitherwsy she loves it

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Massdow in reply to Dannyboy69

Have you seen performance improve, in terms of duration you have sex and when you “Cum”? ?

I heard somewhere that the “Trimix hardness” is stronger than the natural one — is that correct?

Finally hardness feel natural, to both of you?

Weird questions, coming from a first time user!

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Miket218 in reply to Massdow

I will jump in with some encouraging information for you. I was using Tri mix for several years before I got prostate cancer. I’ve had the good fortune to have dozens and dozens of exciting female partners.Not a single one of them even remotely suspected that I was using medicine to achieve the super rockhard erections they loved. It is all a matter of planning. I did tell those that I had longer term relationships with and they didn’t care at all. It was the end result they were after.

The only impact on ejaculations is that you don’t go soft after you cum. In fact, you can just keep on going like the Energizer Bunny!

You may have to adjust the dose to get the desired result but that’s easy for your doc to do. My dosage allows me to stay rock hard for two + hours. Good luck!

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Dannyboy69 in reply to Massdow

hardness was rock hard . Duration was very long, like 3 hours and the first session i came at about 30 min and it didnt budge !!! Rock hard and no cum for more then i neded. Wore her out in a great way . She loved it.

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I wonder why you restrict your question to men married to women? In my years in this and related groups I cannot recall any significant difference in the range of responses to this situation whether straight, bi, or gay, married or not. The response can range from becoming a shared part of foreplay to a total deal breaker. It all depends upon the responses and reactions of the people sharing the intimacy.

Indeed, IIRC there has been considerably more useful discussion of this topic on Malecare's other sponsored group here "Prostate Cancer and Gay Men".

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Massdow in reply to BerkshireBear

First off, I was not aware that Trimix is used by folks in a "BI" relationship. I thought that tops were naturally virile and always hard. That a top might use Trimix is news to me. Also as a Bi, I have tended to be on the lower bunk as a bottom (having been there twice only).

The first time I was hard (as ED hadn't set in yet). By the second time I bottomed, I had a soft, limp dick, but my top didn't care. He got a tight ass-pussy to get into.

I must confess I enjoyed being the bottom in that event.

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Make the injection part of the foreplay.

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Everyone is different. There is a loss of spontaneity, but we find it is better. We plan to have a “date” usually the next day. This allows one to get ready mentally...and the anticipation of good sex is a much bigger plus than spontaneity.

My wife has time to take a a bath, put on my favorite perfume, and make sure the sheets are clean. We make sure the dog is walked, and nothing will interrupt are planned session.

I usually a half hour prior say something like, “ I’m off to make myself handsome for you”. I take a shower, put on her favorite cologne, make sure I have used a lip other words to present myself appealing. We do this for each other.

I usually preload a syringe, and put it in a small thermos the night before. I keep the thermos in the bathroom, and will keep the Trimix for at least 24 hours at a temp. where it doesn’t deteriorate.

When I go to get ready this saves time, and saves my wife

having to having to see my prep. After showering and final grooming, I do a quick swab with alcohol, plump up my penis, and inject.

It only takes 10 minutes to get a good erection. Probably shorter but I keep pressure on the injection spot to prevent bleeding and is a good measure to limit and prevent the formation of scar tissue.

At that point I call my wife to the bedroom and we are both ready for a good cuddle, love play, and intercourse.

Almost always we sexually satisfy each other, and take a


Being that I am 74 and my wife is 70, we only “date” every 5, or six days.

My wife has always been a good and understanding partner, and when I had my prostatectomy and my erections didn’t return she was supportive of my wanting to try injections (viagra, and pills helped but didn’t do a satisfactory job). This was kind of like an exciting adventure and I reported my progress and experience as we went along. I use an autoject, and I showed her how it worked. She was worried it hurt so I allayed her fears.

Anyway, this works for us, and I got to say our sex and communication in many ways is better than ever!

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Massdow in reply to Tom-slick

Thank you for that information. I was worried about not being spontaneous, but now I understand. I don't think my wife would like to see me putting a needle in my dick, so I'll spare her that scene.

About Trimixm I had another question. My pharmacist told me that Trimix needs to be Frozen, not just refrigerated. Elsewhere, I heard that one just has to run the bottle under warm water to unfreeze it for use. How long can the trimix be kept at room temperature, before it loses it efficacy?

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Tom-slick in reply to Massdow

It is not to be frozen, but needs to be refrigerated. If you keep it at 37-40 degrees (regular normal refrigerator temps. It can last up to 4 months approx.

it doesn’t go bad or harmful, just loses potency. Freezing I suspect won’t harm it, but my pharmacist puts right on the label *Do not freeze*. I would google your question and review with your urologist. Sometimes they get confused.

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Cutwoody in reply to Tom-slick

Thank you. A lot of great information and you answers many questions I had.

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I’ve thawed out the Trimix bottle 3-4 times in two months to fill syringes then froze it again with the filled syringes.

Haven’t noticed much if any difference.

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When I get a new 5 ml vial, I load each of my syringes with my prescribed dose (0.14) and place all 35 filled syringes in the freezer. When my wife says we can "do it", I thaw one out and get into action. No loss in effectiveness when frozen and thawed after many weeks in freezer.


Think the best approach is for you and the wife to have a real conversation of what is going on. Whatever the reason for ED, you have it. Talk to her about the options to work around it. I use bimix, trimix causes pain for me. My wife and I plan sex, usually 2,3 times a week. Yes it is not spontaneous, but it is what it is, in some ways it's better, we have some awesome 2 hour sessions and are totally satisfied and happy with them. Get some toys, a sex swing, lap belt, vibrators that you put on your penis, all to make sex play time more varied.

I do long for the day my natural erections return, but even when they do, we will continue to have these sex sessions with injecting. Looking forward to both, some spontaneous sex and planned sex.

Bottom line is you have to be able to communicate with your wife about what is going on, don't hide it, bet you will be a closer couple then ever before.

As far as your trimix, don't continue to freeze and thaw, best to just keep refrigerated, or make up all your syringes, freeze them, than thaw one as needed.

Good luck

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I must say, my reaction reaction after injection of trimix is within minutes I fill a warmth, then a gradual expansion of my penis. Usually it is completely hard within 25 minutes. You can certainly do foreplay for that long. I say longer foreplay makes for a more satisfied partner. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a couple hours for me to ejaculate.

I still have fun and don’t mind walking around with a hardon!

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