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28 Gauge needle for Trimix?

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What gauge of needle is the best for Trimix?

I use 31 gauge for my insulin , but I hear that 28 gauge is the best for Trimix - is that right?

I know that using trimix is different from injecting insulin - but isn''t 28 gauge a thicker needle and more painful to use? - First time Trimix user and a bit scared,

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My doctor has me use a 30 gauge by 1/2" long needle. There is almost no pain. A 28 gauge is thicker and will cause a bit more pain.

Just checked my paperwork for the Trimix Rx. Says "SC Syr 31g x 1cc x 5/16 in". I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, that said, I feel a slight prick when I inject. The results are incredible (my dose is 0.15 cc).

A 31ga is fine, change needles after you draw from the bottle, so I suggest using the 28 ga to draw the use the 31 to inject. Although slight, drawing dulls the tip, if you use the same needle to inject. You have to trial the dosage, I use bimix, trimix was awful pain. 0.05 works will for me - last about 1.5 hrs. Be sure to inject in different spots, I rotate about 4 diff areas.

So basically we use two syringes - right? I sometimes use Insulin needles to administer insulin - since the needles are not removable I would use two syringes, right?


No, you use 2 needles. Some syringes have non removable needles, in that case use the same needle. 31ga is best, I've found. And I use the same needle to draw and inject. Good luck and enjoy the sex!

I use a 31g x 1cc syringe with a 5/16" long needle. Almost no pain when I inject. The reaction is awe-inspiring. I pushed up my dose from the doctor's recommendation to 0.40cc and I love having a long-lasting rock-hard erection.

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use pen needles for my insulin and sometimes syringes, but then they are in the abdomen, so it is isn't scary. Was that scary the first time you had use it on the penis? How long does it take before you get an erection? Does it "feel" like a natural erection?

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No, my first injection was not scary. I was in my urologist's office when the female nurse showed me how to inject. I thought it was rather erotic watching the nurse's glove hand around my cock as she injects me, she even showed me how to stroke my cock to get spread the shot. It seemed like the first time was a minute or two before I had an erection. I thought it felt better than a "natural" erection.

I wish the Trimix had worked for me - increased dose as recommended from 0.1 cc to 0.9 cc. No result with any dose, so discontinued. Will chat to my urologist about other options but think there are few. Thank heavens I'm a bottom , and bottomed mostly before

31 gauge needles may bend upon injection but if your technique is good the chance of this is small. Cost effective use would be to use 31g disposable insulin syringes with 1/2 cc volume or , if needed, 1 cc. They are inexpensive enough and OTC.

the higher the gauge of the needle the also they will send you the right needles when you get your meds.

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