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Questions about Trimix and sex time.


I am about to start using Trimix. I have a few questios:

1) Have you see that after using trimix, you are able to prolong sex, and also take longer time to cum?

2) Are you able to go more than once on a dose of trimix (I hear that it lasts for up to 90 minutes, which is sufficient time for some to go a second time)

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I found that it takes longer to clomax. You still have an erection after you climax until the Trimix wears off.

Massdow in reply to Tewks

I am glad to hear that. It will make the woman in my life happy!

Yes, for me, the erection last usually 2 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less??? but you can go at it as long as your stamina will take you. Orgasms are less intense, but thats true just when you have lots of sex anyway. Our sex life is not what it was before surgery, different in that now we have to plan sex, my wife and I jokeingly call them sex sessions, because they are pretty intense and long, but still very enjoyable. Do miss the morning sex, one and done type., Hopefully that will return one day soon!

I could go twice. mine lasted 3 hours at lowest dose.


From my first injection, I noticed when I had sex it would take me longer to ejaculate. To me, it was a blessing as I'm multi-orgasmic and into semen retention. I don't miss the sleepy foggy feeling after ejaculating while having sex. I love the energy build-up, increased will power, more positivity, and less depression. And the most wonderful benefit I found is that I can have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms as I enjoy whole-body orgasms that last for several minutes.

Well I am very happy for you. I heard someone say that they used a 31 G 5/16 length needle.

Anyways, did you have to go to a doctor to have the first injection? My urologist suggested this, but it is very difficult to get an appointment with him (he's usually booked for 6-8 weeks).

Do you think, I could just watch a video and try it myself?

Hidden in reply to Massdow

Thank you! Yes, I had to go to my urologist's office for my first injection. I was able to get an appointment the next week. I don't know if they would approve of watching a video of how to do the injection without showing you.

Thanks. I am not a fan of trimix, but I have to use that because the blue pill no longer works.

That last response seems to be from a supplement company, which may be why they told you not to use it.

Trimix works wonderfully., better than any pill. Sex can last for 1-3 hours if you want. See your doctor.

Do you stay rock hard the whole time or have ups and downs and have to "work on it"?

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