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Do I move my plans to start a family forward?

I was diagnosed with endo about 3 years ago and my biggest worry the whole time has been will by ability to have children be effected by my condition? I know that patches on endometriosis can stick to your tubes and ovaries etc and block you up with scar tissues, I recently had a scare where after an internal scan they found a 3cm cyst growing inside my right ovary, they said it would be beyond repair and that they may having to take it out with the cyst. Luckily they were able to save what was left and was told all should get back to normal. I know that things aren't so bad at the moment and If I had all the time in the world I would prefure to wait a few more years until I had children but due to the nature of the condition and how unpredictable it is I would never forgive myself if I waited and my endo had gotten worse to the point where I couldn't have children. Have any of you ladies experienced the same problem? What did you do? It would be great to hear someone elses perspective.

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It all depends what's right for you. Endo doesn't always cause infertility, though I can understand your concern, especially having the cyst recently.

A big factor is age, and that's regardless of endo. Womens fertility mostly drops after 35, and takes a further nosedive after 37. That isn't the same for everyone, women with pcos for example often have pregnancies later in life due to having a good ovarian reserve, and there are a million of other factors.

The thing is it's never guaranteed for anyone. I have friends who have had repeated goes at ivf and been ttc for ten years, but have no problems at all. On the other hand i have a friend with extensive endo who got pregnant at 36 after a one night stand. Fertility isn't guaranteed for anyone I'm afraid, all you can do is what is right for you at the time x


Thanks for your reply, that the decision im going to have to make I guess. I know that a child isnt a financially viable option for me and my partner at the moment as i am 21 and just about to finish university but as I said I would never be able to forgive myself if I waited and couldn't. I know there is no right or wrong answer and no doctor will be able to give me an answer, its just such a tricky situation.


i was diagnosed a few weeks back, i'm 41 and have a 22 yr old and a 15 yr old, i was told had i left having kids until my 30's i probably wouldn't have been able to, by how bad the endo is now, but that may not have been the case, my symptoms became chronic five years ago, before that they were just bad, but i'm glad i had kids young, even though my second took over four years to catch. it must be such a hard situation to be in, what does your doctor/consultant think? xx


I bet you are so glad you had you family earlier, I am going to book an appointment to see someone as soon as I can because I have a follow up in June but I dont really want to wait that long to speak to someone as things have really been getting on top of me at the moment. My doctors have said in the past that I 'should' be fine in regards to fertility but they said I 'should' be fine about pretty much everything else which led me to an emergency opperation due to the delays they kept putting on to my original opp as I wasnt a 'priority'. I guess I should go and speak to a doctor as soon as I can and see what they say.

Thank you so much for your response.



Hi hun,

I had my first child at 21 and agree at that age you still feel too young. I had my second at 23 so my daughter would have a sibling close in age. I am so glad that this happened though as I'm now 29, was diagnosed at 26 and last year I had two miscarriages. I'm not sure if I can have any more children now due to the scarring in my pelvis. I am so lucky to have had my children young as I probably wouldn't be able to now.

It must be such a hard decision. I guess I was lucky in a way because my first was an accident so the decision was made for me. I really don't know what I'd do in your situation but thought I'd share my story so you can decide knowing all possibilities. Sorry my answer isn't more helpful but I'd be like you and hate to wait only to find out I couldn't have any. I'd love to have 1 more but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.

Good luck and hugs to you xxx


Thank you so much for sharing your story, I am so happy for you that ypu have managed to have two :)

This really does help, I know id be worried about money but lets be honest who isnt at the moment and im sure there is never particularly a perfect time to have a baby as its such a big deal. I am sorry to hear that you cant have anymore I bet you are so glad you were able to before you found out, thats what I am terrified of though, waiting and not being able to. It could be ok but on the other hand it cpuldnt and I know that is no way of telling, are there any kind of tests you can do at all?

Thank you so much xxx


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