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Little Giggle

I had a good giggle last night with my husband. I'm in day 2 of pain leading up to my cycle which is due to arrive in town either today or tomorrow and as he does at this time every month asked me how I was, did I get away without pain killers today and just the diclofenic (he could be an endo chemist at this stage) and I told him, ya, got through on just the anti inflam but it was heating up and I was planning on going to bed early instead of the painkillers and see how long I last. He held my hands and looked at me like an abuse victim and said "please take them instead of doing five miles around the bed tonight, kicking the legs off me, then waking up and having to take them anyway!" Thanks to my husband I had a full nights sleep and he can walk today, he knows more about this than I tend to give him credit for!!!

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Lol bless him! He sounds a great guy, my husband is like that too. He prepares religiously my heat pads every single night before bed and sometimes he goes and reheats them again if we still watching tv before falling asleep.

It is hard for us and for them what we are going through, but it is so sweet to see them learn about endo and adapting, it feels that its the best support ever! :)) x


Bless them ! Xx


aww bless, sounds just like the advice my hubby would give me too, i'm always trying to 'manage' without so many pain killers but i think the anti-inflammatories work better when taken regularly as opposed to 'when needed' - i do tell my husband, quite often, how much i appreciate all his help, he cooks every night, he's no stranger to the washing machine or iron too, and he loses sleep helping me through the night sometimes but never moans when he gets up for work xx


They are a god send, and yes anti inflam three times a day religiously a d then for my 6 days in hell the Codiene comes out along with the 5 strength coffee to get me through work awake, oh the joys, lap next month so hopefully some relief from that


I hope you get the pain relief from the lap, but you should know that caffeine is a big no for endo as it makes pain much worse.

I quite caffeine last year along with gluten and most of dairy (i use rice milk in my breakfast) and there was a big difference in pain reduction. x


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