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I get pain all the time but only bleed on my period or if pains really bad is that the endo?

I have so many questions but I always thort the pain was there becaouse of the endo but reading on hear that dosnt seem to be the case but the docs just change my pain pills!

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I have pain everyday but only bleed on periods which makes the pain 100 times worse but sometimes I get a bit of spotting now and again, everyone is different xx



Me too, I exactly the same as Emma. Sometimes the pain is so frustrating at times that i end up half wishing that I was bleeding as some kind or warped relief and to explain the pain!!!!



hey guys thanks for the replys I know exatly what you mean about bleeding hayls would help to esplain the pain but yet again ive had the never ending bleeding and that's worse lol carnt win its hard to make out whats just me whats the endo and all the other stuff that's wrong and then knowing if there something more underneath it! when it dosnt fit with the rest might figure it out in ten years time!

anyways stop the head babbling and thanks again ladies



One of the reasons my dr thought I had endo was because I was getting period type pains but not when I was on my period. I get pain constantly and I only have 1 period every 6 months. Endo causes scarring and adhesions which never go away, these can hurt constantly or when you pull them by twisting or stretching. Adenomyosis can also cause constant pain as the blood cannot escape from the wall of the womb (this is most likely what I have). It makes me so cross that us ladies seem to be able to diagnose endo better than most consultants. But then if you think about it, I've been researching endo and adeno for about 9 years now so I'm not really that surprised I know more than my "specialist". Dont ever let a dr tell you you are wrong when you're talking about your pain. Nobody knows your body more than you. xxx

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Do a pain diary and see if there's a pattern it may help xx


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