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Bleeding 6 weeks post op hysterectomy is it normal??

Hi I'm 6 weeks post op from abdominal hysterectomy, n I've started to bleed!:-( has anyone else suffered? Is it normal? Or am I overdoing things? Went for my 6 week check n asked if I was ok to drive, doc said was up to me? So I did n today I'm bleeding:-( plus I've started doing more things like washing ironing doing chores!!

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How long did you bleed initially after the op? If it's been a while and now a bleed I would say you've over done it, have you not got a check list of what your allowed to do at different stages, there are certain things you cannot do for so many months after, such as mowing the lawn, that is 12 months post op, it takes a long time for everything to heal inside. Maybe do not drive for a cople days and then try again, a short journey, plus we don't realise how much we use our stomach for such everyday things - I've not yet had my hyster, have been told I have to, but my nan, mum, aunties and sister have all had hysterectomies.

Take care, a little more caution now will help you heaps in the future xx


Thankyou I had an emergency hysterectomy I was only going in for a cyst removal:-( n they didn't give me any info:-( so just been googling it! I'm going go the doctors tommorow as I no I've over done things:-( so that's my body saying slow down!

Have u got to have a hysterectomy? The joys ov having endo n being a women!!! Take care n if I can offer U any help please ask me. Andrea.x


so far all i got told (literally as i came round from surgery from lap) was you need hysterectomy inc ovaries etc, he said too much endo for him to try to remove it. that was two weeks ago, but i have app with consultant next tuesday so am hoping i will get told more then as i wont go for a hyster unless they try to remove the endo at same time. and yes do see your doctor, and yes it is your body saying rest up, i've seen many of my family go through a hysterectomy, and it may have been years ago, apart from my sister which was only a couple years ago but no matter when it was or how it is performed it is a big operation, and the body needs time to recover, and for the insides to heal and repair itself, the first three months are crucial to limiting lifting etc, otherwise it can cause prolapse.

take care and let me know what the doc says xx


how are you doing? has the bleeding stopped? xx


Heh not good got taken back into hospital today as I was bleeding. But my tummy has swollen and severe pain in my right side near to my ovaries! At hospital n they are saying that even tho I've had abdominal hystercotomy I have severe endo around the bowels n on ovaries( which I wasn't told) so they looked at me gone out when I told them I no nothing and not been advised anything!!! It's soo frustrating because like I said before I only went in for removal ov a ovarian cyst n fibroids n to reduce my endo!! So there keeping me in because of the bleed and tenderness, and I having a scan tomorrow all being well( as u no hospitals at weekends) I'm sooo upset angry frustrated because all they said was ur consultant should have told u that we couldn't get rid ov all the endo n u will always have a slight show n discomfort from endo!!!!

So I asked why was the hystercotomy done then, to which they said I had adynomisosis and everything was stuck together!!! Hope ur ok n soo sorry to waffle on!!! N to top it off I'm in with women with are pregnant n suffering with severe sickness n no one on the ward has had my type ov problems what a long night it will be:-(


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