Finding post op resting difficult!!!

I just can't seem to settle and rest, I'm 3 days post op and just getting so irritated not being able to do much that I've forced my self out of bed to do things, I know I'm not meant to lift things or bend down much but I'm getting so bored, I want to be up doing things!

How did you ladies cope with your first week post op? Xx

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  • Hi Hun you are actually better off moving around. It helps the gas disperse and helps with healing. I found I was more uncomfortable when sat or lying down. So I would be up every 10 minutes or so and would just walk round the house.

    Just try do little things and increase it a bit every day. Just listen to your body. If you're doing to much it will tell.

  • Thank you, I get bored sitting or lying down but I've been getting very light headed so have had to lay down for an hour or so then I want to get up and move again.. I'm sleepy but want to do things so I've been unpacking things and trying to clean, it's the bending down that causes pain and makes me nauseous so my family get angry at me and tell me to go to bed haha! Just going to gradually build myself up and do bit by bit, I thought doing things would actually help me recover than lounging around as I'm going to feel more groggy but everyone is different x

  • Yeah I was actually to not to stay in bed but to keep moving around. Just make sure you keep up the pain relief. Hope it gets easier for you soon.

  • I'm not sure if my pain relief is making me nauseous, the nurse told me to walk around but to mostly rest in bed and I'm finding it too hard, my family are telling me to rest too, and not to do anything but I'm getting over emotional not doing anything and way too irritated... need to find something to do

  • Do you like to do anything creative? I found writing poetry and drawing quite therapeutic post-op :) I still find them a great way to feel productive when fatigue gets the better of me and I have to stay in bed. Colouring books for adults are also good :D stick some relaxing music on too to help calm your mood xxx

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