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Hi guys, so I'm going back to see my consultant today after having a lap done last Feb to confirm I have endo and a cyst on my Overy, where they removed everything at the time, me hoping this would be the end of it. I went back for my follow up appointment where they have done an internal scan to tell me it has all returned. I'm still in so much pain, and my periods are really heavy, I have clots and flood all the time. Any advice on what my next steps are please. Many thanks in advance.

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  • I would suggest to your consultant to maybe try you on zoladex or prostap..I had nine months of zoladex a break and then prostap now for six months but I'm so bad with it all that I'm actually getting a total not saying that for you because there many options its just I've had a few laps as well as different forms of treatment over the past 8 years and this started when I was 13..but your consultant may say even about the mirena coil..just research a few things and go to him her and ask about them..I know it's really hard after having surgery to hear that is has come big hugs to you..if you need to ask about anything just message me x

  • Thanks caroline, they have put the coil in 3 times now and each time I have a period it gets flushed out :-( they have put me on mefenamic acid but I'm still having heavy periods :-( I'm not sure what the next step is, they won't give me a hysterectomy cuz of my age.

  • I had to fight for mine and I'm having to have any endo left that has grown back from my last lap in November removed and im having a total hysterectomy bur I would suggest that cause it's not a cure for endo..but I'm just over it all now..but I would ask about prostap or zoladex..It is rough having this done but of it helps on my fourth month of prostap but unfortunately for me it isn't working amd ibe had mirena as we but I was even worse on it .but I was also given norethesterione to try so yoi could ask about that but dont let them fob you off ! It's taking me five different consultants over an 8 year period to do something..xx

  • That was meant I wdnt suggest that !

  • Hi it maybe worth looking into the possibility of adenomyosis. This can cause heavy periods with clots and pain.

  • Thanks peeps this has really helped.


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