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Laparoscopy worries

When you have been referred for a laparoscopy have you seen a consultant who specialises in endometriosis? The consultant I was referred to by the doctor doesn't even appear on the NHS trust website which lists all of the consultants and their specialties... which has worried me somewhat.

I'd like to see somebody who really knows what they are doing when it comes to endometriosis but don't know how to go about it. I've looked into paying privately but the feedback has been that without knowing the extent of the endometriosis it's difficult to predict the cost.

I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I don't want to wait any longer than necessary for a laparoscopy, but I do want to see somebody who isn't just a general gynae consultant as I'm not sure this would really give the best treatment (and the person I saw initially and have now been referred back to really didn't fill me with confidence for a number of reasons, although I suppose if I ever get another appointment I can ask more questions).

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for me i had no choice as to who did my lap, and i only met the surgeon about an hour before the lap, for about 2 minutes - i was diagnosed with endo, the surgeon told me there was too much to treat, i don't know whether he wasn't experienced enough or what, i have app with consultant next week and will hopefully find out.

i really do not know if we can request certain doctors/consultants within the NHS, but it would be useful to know if we can cos as you say we can research who is a specialist and hopefully see them. my appointment letter for my lap said a consultants name, who i googled (as you do) and found he was a specialist, but it was his registrar who did my lap, but i'm seeing the actual consultant next week, fingers crossed xx


You can ask for an endo specialist most large cities have them attached to the hospital


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