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Am I ever gonna get a baby 👶🏼 😢


Been told cos of having endo that chances are slim to having children?

can anyone shed some light on this for me please cos I really want children and we are currently trying but nothing :(


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Hi my auntie was told the same when they discovered she had endo in fact they told her she can't. Then she had three naturally

Don't stress or loose hope if it's meant to be it will be and there's so much they can do these days to help you conceive aswel. Stressing will definitely not help. So try relax have fun and see what happens. Xx


I really do try not to worry and hearing success story's help! Gonna mention it to the dr tonight and see what steps I need to take. Was your aunt trying for long if u don't mind me asking? Xx


I don't think so I think it just came as a shock because she wasn't ever expecting children but once she had her first they kept coming. My cousin she's got endo and she's got three too she wasn't trying they just came along. Xx

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It's good to hear success story's :)

I will stay positive :)

Thanks for sharing xx


Your welcome. 😌Xx

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Yes yes yes

An endo Specialist should be your dr

I have had 40 years to go thru this and it has been a whole learning process

Life lessons i wished I had known them

20/20 hindsight is just that

If I wax in that position today

I would get IVF ASAP

I would beg borrow and steal if I had to

Well not steal

You get what I mean

If you are ok with having no kids that is fin

Nothing wrong with a woman choosing not to have kids.

It's your choice

Since you wrote this I assume you are one that wishes to have children so you may be in for the fight of your life ,

But if you win it's worth it

If you don't at least you know you gave it all you could've.

Today with good dr the chances are high you'll get the desire of your heart

You may not get it as easy as all the others but who cares

In the end the baby is still there

If you cannot conceive with IVF then find out about freezing any healthy eggs .

Later down the road you may decide to use a surrogate or there may be some new discovery ti increase your chances

Don't give up

Pick up those weapons and fight for what really is your right to have

Good luc

Keep us posted

Feel free to make your first after me


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Please try not to worry. I had endo and a bicorunate uterus. I had my first lap at 16 and by the time I started trying I was on lap number 3 and told my chances of getting pregnant were slim to non and it wasn't worth the risk. I ignored them, started trying and conceived naturally. I had a six month course of acupuncture, which I still believe was the thing that swung it for me. Im not going to lie, my pregnancy was tough and I had numerous complications after but the stress and pain was worth everything to have my little boy. Don't give up hope. Miracles do happen xxx



I'm trying to stay possitive as much as I can :)

I went dr's yesterday and she sending me bloods and BF to be tested

Once that is done she is referring us to fertility dr's

I may also try acupuncture too if u think it was any good xxx


I've just been diagnosed with endometriosis following a lap & dye that I had as we tried to find out why we're not getting pregnant. All sorts of factors can affect fertility; a lot would depend on whether the endometriosis has done anything to your Fallopian tubes.

The great thing is there are lots of success stories of ladies who've been told they have no hope but have gone on to conceive naturally.

We are going to push for IVF ASAP once we've checked my AMH levels to see if my ovarian reserve is good enough.

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I'm being sent for bloods and BF being sent to get tested once that done she referring us to fertility

My sister had to have ivf

She had it twice failed first time and worked second - she hasn't got endo but 9 months after having my "ivf nephew" she fell pregnant naturally with my other nephew

I know it's easy going through all this but looking at my two gorgeous nephew that's what makes me think positive :)

Just wish no woman had to go through any of this


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Hi I was diagnosed at 15 told I would never have children. When I was older me and my partner tried for over two years for a baby. .no luck .. We gave up then two months later I was pregnant! It can happen!

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