Has anyone got an overactive thyroid as well as endometriosis???

Hi all

After my last lap i am still getting a handful of symtoms, which in turn have led me to get tested for an overactive thyroid. It appears in a lot of research that a high percentage of women with thyroid problems have endometriosis? Since i havent heard of this before i was just wondering if anyone else had a thyroid problem as well as endo?

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  • Me! Mine is now underactive, but it started off overactive when I was 17. It's only gone underactive due to all the treatment I've had for it over the years. Are you still waiting for your test results?

  • Hi doodah thank you for replying I font get my results til next week I really hope they find something so I can start to be sorted out xxx

  • I have an underactive thyroid which went undiagnosed for years and have endometriosis I was told that they are linked, took them a long time to get the dosage right but under control for now.

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