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tissue as well as bleeding

Hello ladies,

Just a quick question. Has anyone ever experienced passing tissue (small, pinkish fleshy pieces of tissue) during their period? Am going to see my gynae tomorrow as have demanded a followup because although no endo was found I am still in so much pain and I did have adhesions. Now this has happened today too. Blinkin' brilliant, so happy. Have been bleeding ever since my lap though I did have mirena put in the same time, I wonder if these weird tissue things I am passing have anything to do with mirena, though I can't find any info on it. x

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I asked my gynae this question last year and she said that it's nothing to worry about and that us lucky women with really heavy periods can also pass tissue. It freaked me out too! xx


Hooray. Though my gynae insists I don't have any gynae problems as other than the adhesions they didn't find anything wrong. I guess I just freaked myself out as the only info I could find online suggests ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage - both highly, highly unlikely as I've had mirena in and didn't have sex without condoms until after the string check, but anything like that does tend to make me irrationally anxious. Will ask the gynae tomorrow I guess x


I've had lots of times where I've had this, but I'd describe them as blood clots rather than tissue so definitely get it checked out asap.

I bled constantly for a few weeks after my Mirena was fitted. It was like my periods were backwards (one week off and three weeks on!) but after a few months it settled. I'd recommend sticking with it if you can as it took me 6+ months to settle and now I hardly get any bleeding (still lots of pain but at least less bleeding is one less thing to deal with!)

Good luck, all the best. SM x


Thanks so much. I get blood clots as well but these are definitely different - more like little blobs of skin-type material than a blot clot. I've had 2 days off bleeding since 29 May, really hoping it settles soon! x


I have had that before bjt it is just lining breaking down. I was told if it was tissue theyd be really worried. I get it loads but the gp doesnt think much of it as i also get large clots passing too. Hope this helps slightly.


Yes I had it too! Looked like tissue, as I read quite solid. I feel calmer after reading I'm not the only one who has had this.


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