Endometriosis & underactive thyroid

For a long time I have suffered many symptoms ... tiredness - hair loss - brittle nails - very intolerant to cold (shivering alot with goosebumps) - low moods / mood swings - abdominal pain - bloating - constipation - painful periods - back ache - groin pain - leg pain - It has taken me nearly a year of going back and forward to the doctors & I still have no diagnosis. I have been down many many routes .... I had an ultrasound of my abdomen & all was "normal". i also recently had blood tests & had some abnormal results. (my LH hormone was high. Also my thyroid was high) Meaning I have an underactive thyroid .. This COMPLETELY explains my symptoms (hair loss, cold & shivery, low moods tiredness Etc). However. I still haven't had anything confirmed from my doctor. They want to do another blood test in 2 weeks to see thyroid again??? I am also waiting to be referred to gynaecologist for the other lot of symptoms but I defiantly think I have ENDOMETRIOSIS & an UNDER ACTIVE THYROID. This has been a very stressful journey for me & having all the different symptoms have been confusing. I finally think i have cracked it & worked out whats going on with my body. Any comments would be appreciated. Thankyou

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  • Endometriosis doesn't necessarily effect the thyroid, I have no thyroid issues but I had a lot of estrogen in my blood which was causing estrogen symptoms, after my first birth control pill my hormones were completely balanced according to my gyn but she didn't believe I was on the 3rd day of my period when I did it, so who knows.

  • Hi. I have endo and I am new to thyroid issues. But I have been recently tested for the same reasons that you list. My TSH was elevated? Is this what you mean? I am assuming it is, because from what I can gather they would be putting you on thyroxine immediately if there was a problem with T3 or T4. If the TSH level is elevated but borderline, they re test as it can be effected by other factors. But can be a sign that your thyroid is becoming underactive (not that it definitely is).

    If you have the results of your blood test, post them in Thyroid Uk on Health Unlocked. They have lots of great admins who will be able to give you some advice.

    As for endo, I'm 41 and I was only diagnosed at couple of years ago. I'm afraid you have to keep pushing and pushing!!

  • Thanks so much for the reply! Yes it is my TSH levels which were high. So funny tho I now know that this means under active thyroid & I'm not going completely mad / imagining all of this! I've been having major cold shakes & shivers for ages & hair loss which has been devastating. Along with that the very painful periods & constant pelvic pain, groin pain, back ache & general grumpiness!

    I will be celebrating when I finally get any sort of diagnosis tho.. but Im almost certain I have endo & thyroid issues I've been down every other route imaginable and nothing's helped or sorted things out.

    I did read online that 40% of woman with endometriosis have thyroid issues which is a huge percentage. All this is new info to me but its all just clicked together. Got another blood test in 2 weeks be interesting to see what the results come back as I'm constantly shivering every day just now.

  • I actually finished reading a book about body types and diet that talks about the hormones in our body, and accordingly to the authors estrogens can affect the thyroid. So the book talks about different symptoms, according to your body type, why it happens, and natural changes you can make to your diet and best exercise method for your body type, and to balance your hormones. The author proposes some changes in diet and it helps understand your body better. I am still trying some of the suggestions in the book, but so far I am feeling more energetic, which is amazing, because I used to always be very tired. The book is "The 7 Principles of Fat Burning: Lose the weight. Keep it off.

    " by Eric Berg D.C.

    But basically his protocol have a period to enhance and help your liver and then suggestions according to your body type. I started about 2 weeks ago and so far I haven't got any cravings which I used to have and my energy levels increased a lot.

  • This is exactly like me. I have endometriosis but I'm also convinced something is up with my thyroid. I have been suffering with hairloss for years, I'm constantly fatigued and hyper sensitive to cold (even in summer). I've had the basic thyroid tests done which my GP said came back normal but I'm trying to get him to do my thyroid antibody test as well (as I've read that the standard test doesn't show all thyroid issues). I've asked my fertility clinic about having this test now just hope they take is seriously. It seems crazy the amount of chasing we have to do in order to find out what is wrong with us!

  • My main problem is hair loss and fatigue. I do think that is a lot to do with endometriosis as we tend to have excess oestrogen. Could you gp refer you to an endocrinologist? They would then look at the antibodies but also your female hormones. My TSH level is high but my GP recommended a referral as he thinks it's more complex than just the thyroid. I think the book that ivanethe suggests above would be worth a read.

    I agree, the amount of chasing is ridiculous.

  • Thank you for the information. My GP didn't seem interested when I tried discussing it with him but I am seriously considering going private. I have excess facial hair and acne in addition to the hair loss etc. And it is my undstanding that these are not usual symptoms of endo so there must be something else going on. It could be thyroid related or a hormonal imbalance. Whatever it is I would really like to know to see if any of it can be sorted.

    I'll have a look for that book, thanks for the recommendation.

  • Sounds like you have PCOS. Have you read up on that?? I would go to your doctors & ask about it. They can do a blood test for it & an ultra sound of your womb / ovaries etc.

    Good luck hope you get diagnosis soon it's stressful you start to feel like you are going mad.

  • I am 33 years old and had a TAH-BSO for adenoymosis and endo. I now also have perceived pelvic floor dysfunction and am going to see a gastroenterologist next Thursday for further investigation I too suspect I have a thyroid issue

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