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Avoiding cesarean.... how?

OK, to elaborate. I am aware that if you are prone to endometriosis, endometriosis growth is more likely to form along pelvic surgery scar tissue and we are more likely to form adhesions there as well.

For this reason I want to avoid having a cesarean as far as I possibly can if I have a baby and will keep in mind during birth that hours of pain during birth could save me from years of pain later from adhesions...

so that leads me to ask you knowledgeable ladies: what birth plan decisions are we aware of that decrease the chance of needing a cesarean?

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I don't think this is the "wrong" place to post a question about endometriosis-aware birth plans as many women on here are mothers and may well know about this issue and also other people planning pregnacies who may be thinking the same thing.

There are other forums that could ALSO be useful but that does not make this the "wrong" forum as it does have to do with endometriosis.

I would avoid telling someone they are "wrong" to ask an endometriosis associated question on an Endometriosis forum as this is supposed to be a place where people feel safe to ask questions without being critisised. I am not sure if you meant to sound dismissive but the comment "Wrong forum to ask that on" does come across that way to me.

I assume that it was simply a quick choice of words that came out in a non ideal way as you go on to actually give me some useful personal info that gives me a more positive perspective and I certainly would remember what you have said about your laparotomy if I had to have an energency Cesarean in the future but would prefer to avoid if possible.

But thank you for the positive perspective.

I am glad you did not suffer with endo pain in your laparotomy scar.



Emergency ceasareans are just one of those things that unfortunately no one has any control over and can happen for a number of reasons.

I ended up having an emergency one for my daughter. It hadn't even entered my head when I was putting together my birth plan that I cud end up having a ceasarean. During my labour I caught an infection - from the hospital (said thru gritted teeth) and me and my baby's life were at risk if they didn't get her out straight away.

Anything could happen during labour, ur baby might suddenly move into an awkward position for example.........somethings are just out of your control.

Thanks for the post, I did not know this abt scars and endo.....I'm due a lap very soon so will get my consultant to check my scar xx


You are welcome :)

I am doing some reading about what you can do to reduce the chance ceasarean as there are certain things you can do which reduce the chance (although having endo at all gives you an increased risk of needing one).

My mum gave birth vaginally to all three of her children and she had endo so I have hope that I can as we have similar bodies in many ways.

I will continue reading.... for example I am aware that having an epidural increases the chances of needing a foreceps delivery which I would also like to avoid if I have a child.

I know that much of what goes on in birth is out of your hands as it is nature but as you do get given choices, I want to try and make informed choices on the day by learning this stuff ahead of time and baring endometriosis in mind as research is showing that endometriosis is a risk factor in itself for a higher risk birth.


Call me an idealist but I'd like a natural, water birth with minimal intervention...

but I want to be ready for the tough choices.

Crystal x


Actually now that I'm thinking about things - when I was pregnant I didn't have endo, I had never even heard of it so I spose there was nothing that could pre-cause a caesearean...........I think I understand what you are saying - that your endo could put you at risk of having a caesearean and there are a few tricks you can do to reduce the risk?


Yeah, I have read up about the statistical risks associated with having endometriosis including an increased chance of the baby being delivered by Caesarean so I wandered if anyone had done any reading about how to reduce the chances of needing a Caesarean.

Here is a link about some of the risks:


here is a link about the surgery scar issue:


I would not mind a Caesarean so much but pelvic surgery like that does increase the chance of developing adhesions and more endometriosis along the scar tissue which could cause a lot of pain in later life potentially.

I'd rather have pain and a healthy baby (when I decide to have one) obviously but if I can avoid scar endo AND have a healthy baby through making informed choices that thats even better. :)


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