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Are my symptoms that if possible endemetriosis?

I havent actually been diagnosed with anything but just wanted some further info before i go to my doctor (again) and am made to feel like a hypochondriac! I have always has horrific periods, absolutely unbearable pain, D & V during my periods, i am unable to eat or drink, my temperature goes sky high and i get terrible sweats, i get pain all around my stomach and right round into my lower back. Does anyone else have these symptoms? Does it sound like i could have endemeteiosis? Many thanks :)

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Hey Layla, It sounds to me like you need to ask for further investigation as you suspect there may be a possibility that you have endometriosis. I would ask if you can be referred to a gynecologist at the hospital to explain the symptoms that you are heaving in order for he or she to get you in for ultrasound tests etc to see if you may have it.

I was the same as you and i wasn't sure but part of me thought there must be something wrong as my friends didn't have the same experiences as me etc. I was referred to the hospital, had an ultrasound and they could see that my womb lining was unusually thick indicating that there may be polyps/endo and low and behold i had the laparoscopy a few months later and i had both so had it removed. I would say go with your gut feeling and push to be referred as it's your health. Good luck xx


Thank you so much! None of my friends have the same experiences as me so im going to keep pushing as i cant continue like i am at the moment! Thank you again, i really appreciate it xx


I would say go to your gp and explain everything and if they don't suggest it, ask to be referred to a gyno..don't accept the "you are just one of those women who suffer more"!

One thing I will say is that if u do have an ultra sound do not feel deflated or give up if they say it showed nothing as an ultra sound is not a diagnostic of endo.The only way to def know is by a Lap.

Like you said keep pushing. You know your body best. x


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