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Can't sleep at night if sleep on my side

Am really struggling as I always use to sleep in foetal position or on side stretched out but I get pain down my right leg particularly in thigh and around my knee. The pain will literally wake me up, its a deep ache, sometimes like a buzzing in my thigh. I try to go to sleep on my back but turn in my sleep. Does anyone else get this? I've tried pillow between knees. Weirdly regardless of whether I lie on my left or right side I get the right legged pain.

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Hey I'm the same but my it's my left leg and knee that causes me issues. I also have restless leg, I'm constantly kicking/stretching/tossing and turning even when I'm asleep. Sometimes the only thing that helps is getting up and walking about. Recently I've been rubbing ibuprofen gel on my lower back, thigh and knee and always keep a tube next to the bed. May be worth a try. Does it bother you during the day too? x


Thanks Dabba, it does bother me in day if I've been sitting/driving too long so it's ok if I'm moving around. I do the same use the gel at night and also try and massage the IT band which helps. Otherwise it's up in the night. Have had a lap' last week and as Ive been less mobile it's worse. Have you seen GP?


What was your diagnosis? I put my leg issues down to having endo in the pouch of douglas. I'm seeing a physio and she is manipulating muscles in my back which is helping a lot.

I went to GP a couple of weeks ago & had blood tests done which came back satisfactory. Will see her next Friday to see what the next step is x


That's really interesting I have had endo in PoD on a number of laps so I wonder if there's a connection. Just had another diagnostic lap and just said rightsided endo and wondered if uterosacral ligaments involved. Also as its in my right leg that would fit. If yours is left leg have they found it in left pelvic region?



I have the same in my right leg. I can tell when a bad bout of pain is coming as my knee starts to ache constantly and is worse in bed.

Having a diagnostic lap soon but endo is suspected in the POD (uterus and bowel adhered together) so this is all very interesting.

I use Phorpain gel to try and get some sleep and it really helps.

Best wishes x


I think there is def a connection with endo irritating the nerves as its so inflammatory. I haven't heard of Phorpain. Is that in the UK on prescription? Good luck with lap xx


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