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Hi! I have only just found this site and i wish i had found it alot sooner! I have a laproscopy booked for January but for some reason i am convincing myself that they are going to tell me there is nothing wrong and that i am exaggerrating it (I have been accused of this by a few people!) I don't know if it just because i am worried about it or the fact i have been putting up with the pain for 13 years that i can't ever see an and to it. I have been waiting for a long time to get a definate answer as they first told me 7 years ago that they thought it might be Endo. anyone else had these random thoughts??

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Hello! I am due to have my first Lap in January too! the Consultant actually said to me that he "expects to find nothing" !! So I know exactly how you feel. My Endo is on my diaphragm (and possibly elsewhere), so he thinks the pain I feel is just from swelling during my period, and organs pushing against my diaphragm. I know my body and I know my symptoms and I know what I can feel. So I am waiting anxiously! I really hope he will look properly and find the problem!! I wish you luck with yours and I hope you get the treatment you deserve! :)


Thankyou. When u say u have it in your diaphragm, how does this affect you because I have been getting pains I can only describe as stabbing pains around my ribs, I have been wondering the past few weeks if this might be something to do with Endo. I have been convinced for years that it is endo but now I have a date to find out, I'm convincing myself otherwise. It's silly really! I can't believe he is saying he expects to find nothing, that's awful for you. I'm very lucky that the doctor who referred me has been my doc for 13 years so she knows how long it has been going on and how it is getting worse as time goes on. What date is your laproscopy? We can compare how it went! Lol. Mine is the 12th :)


Hi Melissa and Scoones,

The feelings of doubt you get before your first lap are natural, most people who get diagnosed with endo have been suffering for so long with symptoms, but they've had all kinds of tests and they all come back normal. This endless cycle of knowing something's up but not knowing what is really frustrating and messes with your head so much! I've been there!

I was diagnosed in March after suffering for years, even got referred to gynae a couple of years back but the consultant said I was too young (at 25) and my symptoms weren't bad enough to justify a laparoscopy! Thankfully on my 2nd referral the (different) consultant agreed to the lap, but also said he didn't really expect me to have it.

You go into theatre wondering if it's all in your head, worrying that they won't find it. This perhaps helps because it would at least prepare you if they didn't find anything. But you get a feeling of relief when you are told it's endo, just because it's a name and validation of your symptoms.

Truth is though, unless your endo causes something that shows up on a scan like adhesions changing the position of internal organs, the only way of being sure you have endo is by doing a laparoscopy, and it is a last resort because there are so many other things that have to be ruled out first that have much simpler tests.

Good luck for your laps xx


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