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How do I persuade gp to refer me???

I suffered with endometriosis from the age of 17 until I had two laps at about 32, then I had my son and the symptoms had started to reappear before I had my daughter 3 years later.

She is now 4 and I have had symptoms for about a year but not too bad, periods getting heavier and much more painful each month.

About 6 months ago a little lump appeard on my csection scar in the middle of my period and caused a lot of pain, stopping and bending over sort of pain. Each month it has got more painful for longer and the lump has got bigger.

This month the pain has not stopped and it's now 2 weeks since my period ended.

I saw my GP last night and she says it's just scar tissue, can't be endo as it's too close to the surface and to take painkillers and have a mirena coil fitted!!

I have never been able to have the mini pill as I bleed continuously on it so surely the mirena coil will be the same??

Is there a possibility the lump could be endo, painkillers don't touch it, nor does heat????

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I would change ur doctor and get them to refer you. If uve had ops before for endo then they shouldnt hesitate to refer you. Gd luck xx


There's another lady on here who had exactly the same thing, a lump on a c-section scar that turned out to be endo.

But even if it's not endo, you'd think she'd want to find out what it is, especially if it's causing you pain.

You should be able to just ask for a referral but as Lynnie says, see another GP in the practice and do it that way. It may well be that they can't do anything about it or think it would be better to leave well alone, but at least you'd know.

Good luck x


The GP is (in my opinion) fobbing you off - they never want to really refer people as it's so costly to do laps! Perhaps try seeing another doctor or could you go private with healthcare (and dont admit you've had this in the past!) ?


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