Is it normal to suffer agonising cramps 1 week after period has finished?

I suffer with agonising cramps every month 5 or 6 days after my period. I've got an an endometriostic cyst on my right side and received the diagnosis of adenamyosis following a lot of ultrasound scans. My mum had both endometriosis and adenamyosis. I am just wondering if anyone else suffers with these cramps following their period and what the likely cause is? On one occasion I passed out with the pain but refused to go to hospital as I'm too scared to have the laparoscopy. Any advice would be appreciated. Dx

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  • For me yes, it is usually worse after my period then it is before. I had laparoscopy 3 years ago. Nothing to be scared off. I struggled to keep a full timd job because of the pain I used to get couldn't go to work. I've now been working full time for two year in the same job for the first time in my life. I still get pain but its not as bad.

  • It's not normal when compared to a normal period for a normal woman, but for women with cysts or endo or other gynae problems it's common to get cramps any time sometimes all the time depending on what's going on inside.

  • I suffer from this as well. Iabout the same as you, i have the pain right till my period starts then when my period is on it ease a little, then comes back worse after i have finished. And stays on till my next period sometimes, or i have a week when i dont feel any pain, then comes back.

  • Yes my pain is always before and after my period, even wakes me in the night. I have only been diagnosed 4 days ago with endometriosis dispute complaining of painful periods for around 6 yrs. I go back to see consultant in 6 months to discuss treatment options.

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