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Finally! It has arrived - my first period since last Prostap back in July


Good evening ladies....i thought I would share my good and positive (painful) period has finally arrived after waiting 8 long months since my last prostap injection :-)

So, last July was my last prostap injection, after my last gynae appt 2 weeks ago I was told on my next appt i would have tests to see why my period hadn't yet arrived. I have been worrying so much particularly the past few months seeing as nothing had "kicked in" Last friday at work I thought I had gone back in time pre-laps, pre-prostap and was having period pains like id not had in a good 18months - the cramps, shooting pain, sickness, light headedness etc. all weekend I waited thinking I was going to have more than symptoms but no, nothing. This morning though my prayers were answered and there was my period! It has been painful but after so much worrying it is worth it :-)

Since my last injection the pain has been present but manageable, the worst part of the past few months have been the usual - bloating, spots, tiredness, increased pain on enjoying life....I thought I would share my experience in the hormoneless months for those who have had prostap/zoladex and are waiting for their cycle to arrive or those that are going through it and wonder how long it will take and what to expect whilst waiting. I know I was always researching the average length of time at which they would return and was beginning to worry big time!

I hope all you ladies have had a relatively pain free weekend xx

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so glad for you xx

Crumbs you did well there. Mine returned as soon as it could !!

thank you ladies.

How were yours after they returned Impatient?

Not a normal full niagara falls fresh bleed, as it had been 4 months, so it was old brown sticky sludge stuff and the fresh blood was actually quite light.

Lasted about 6-7 days.

It was exactly 8 weeks after my last zoladex implant, so allowing 4 weeks of drugged up, and then 4 weeks of drug withdrawl then bingo. I didn't want mine to return so soon as that I was hoping at my age it wouldn't restart at all quite frankly, and certainly had hoped for a lot longer (like several months) before the ovaries did get going again.

However to the rescue came the mirena coil which had been installed the day before my 1st zoladex, and it did kick in after the periods return and since then i have been mercifully period free.

I know it's quite different for the ladies who are then trying to conceive successfully, but i wasn't, so the longer i was without periods the better for me.

I can only imagine the worry it has caused you not to kick start sooner, but I'm very glad you are fully functioning again. At least you know you can get back in to a routine now. hopefully with less pain than before the drug.

Ihave just read your blog and i was the same as you had my last zoladex injection last may and i was beginning to worry if i would have my period again. Like you i was more or less having the spots bloating etc but nothing else until last week when i had a slight period for a few days.

I'm happy for you thank God

Digger I can relate to your excitement:)


Flip I got two weeks grace after prostap, then whammy :(

Thats great for you!

Really reassuring aswel... i had my last prostap injection in September, Still not had a period yet but knowing other people have had the same delay is really helpful :-) x

Its so surprising how one woman can be so different to another in how their body reacts to endo and its treatment options. All in all my period lasted two days and was hell but I'm safe in the knowledge that my ovaries hadn't given up :-)

Good luck to all you wonderful ladies out there for all your continuing support through the tough times endo brings xx

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