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hello ladies I just feel the need to share an important vitamins called WOBENZYM N with you all. I have severe endo with cysts and pelvic adhesions which caused me a lot of pains and affected my fertility, since the doctors are not doing anything for me to help my condition I decided to start fighting my own battles myself. I spend a lot of time researching endo and ways I could help myself, after months of research I came across wobenzym n which is also called fertility enzymes. the enzymes in the vitamins help in breakdown of inflammations in the body. I have been on it for about 4 months now and my pelvic pain and pressures have gone done significantly and I will like if you all can do research on the product and see if it might work for you. GOOD LUCK

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Thanks for this information, Can i ask where you purchased these from? i am interested in trying them :)

Before you buy it pls make sure you do enough of research to make sure it's something that you really wants. I buy mine from amazon it's a bit expensive but as for me I know it works cos I have the worst endo pain which makes sex painful and I have to be on buscopan combine with other painkillers. It's makes urine smell funny too

I've been seeking out info on this drug which was formerly used in topical creams for skin and has been banned in the USA.

Aside from being a risk for severe allergic reactions

I found this quote...

Wobenzym N contains bromelain, a key enzyme derived from pineapple, which can prevent platelets from clumping together.

This may increase a person's risk of bleeding.

Women have reported heavier menstrual flow while using Wobenzym N, and it may cause uterine bleeding in pregnant women. People with bleeding disorders should avoid bromelain except under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner.

.....Seems to be the absolute worst thing to take for anyone with endo bleeding. Yikes. the last thing we want is any drug that makes us bleed more !!!!

Might be helpful to anyone who has pain from other types of inflamation which are not related to bleeding, but it isn't going on shopping list. I want something to stop endo bleeding and causing my pains not make it worse than it already is.

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Abbs in reply to Impatient

I agree with you that is why I said its not for everybody what works for me might not work for another person that is why I urged people NOT to try it unless they did a lot of research to make sure it's right for them.

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Kapriziuke in reply to Impatient

Seems like it's the best thing ever that could have happen to me. After one month of taking these tablets my pain almost gone. I always used to take pain relievers 5-8 a day. This time didn't take any, cause menstruation wasn't painful at all. Also I noticed less clumping. And the menstruation was less heavier.

It helped me 100%. Totally recommend.

Oh, by the way. I was using Progesterone cream for two months too (not using it white menstrual period). Maybe this helped too.

I used wobenzym too with some other herbs called fertility cleanse whick includes detoxing and after a. Month my period came with no pain no vomitting and. Was able to go to work it. Really workef. For me and no blood cloth too its so. Good

Thanks for your comment I didn't even know wobenzym n is banned in America cos I always order mine from companies in the US if it is banned there it would never be online. The product is originally made in Germany since I have been on it I have never had any side effects from it but that doesn't mean it would not affect anybody else that is why I advice anybody who wants to take it to make sure they do research on it to make sure it's best for them. I shared the information because I believe it might help other women in the same shoe as me, and I believe wobenzym n is the only vitamin of its kind that help with endo, pelvic adhesions and cysts. To me wobenzym is a God sent because since am ttc I don't want to have another operations that will lead to more adhesions which can block sperm from reaching my egg. PLS THIS IS BASED ON MY DIAGNOSIS AND PROBLEMS

Hi, anyhting that reduces inflammation is a good thing but the drug version seems quite strong, there could possibly be release in eating fresh pineapple daily or drinking pineapple jiuce as these have anti- inflammatory properties, as does oily fish xx, such as mackeral and salmon

It's not a vitamin. It's a complex of different fibrinolytic enzymes.

It doesn't "break down inflammation", but proteins, more specifically tissue that resulted from clotting (such as adhesions and cysts).

It is basically an anti-inflammatory and minor anti-clotting agent and because of that it should not be taken for people with clotting issues (which usually isn't the case in case of endometriosis).

Hope this clarifies everything from the pharmacological point of view!

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