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Hi, I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage two in 2012. I have gone through all of my treatments based on the results from then. None of which have been successful in any way. My symptoms all relate to a stage three or four and now, as a last resort i am given the option of surgery or yet another induced menopause which I do not have the strength to go through again. But before I go ahead and take the plunge I would like to hear from any warriors and heroes of this dibilitating disease who have in the past or present been treated by the private endo specialist based in the West Yorkshire and London areas.

Please feel free to pm if you do not want to reply here :)

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  • Hi Hun I am seeing a endo specialist at seacroft I am waiting on another op before I start my ivf

  • I'm in the South west, so not much help. However, have you checked out the posts on here by Lindle?

    She gives links that can lead you to all the specialist endo centres. These are not private clinics, and you can ask to be referred to one of these by your GP, although the whole process could be speeded up by you initially having a private consultation. Search for 'Lindle's' posts on here, read the info and follow the links she gives.

    Better still, send her a private message via this site. I think it's the site policy (that is, the organisation: 'Endo UK' )that people should not name either centres or consultants in open posts on here, but should private message such info.

    Hope you get help,

    Gritty x

  • Hi gritty, thank you for replying :)

    I have come across posts from lindle and found them to be helpful x

  • Have a look on the bsge website they have the specialist centres listed all over UK they are not private though. You need a referral but you can choose to go to which one you want too as far as I know

  • Hi kyla, thank you for replying :)

    I have gone through the list on the BSGE site and I am looking into going private but not sure of a few things yet x

  • I hope you find the right place for you xx

  • Thank you

  • Hi there

    I'm currently being treated by the Yorkshire specialist who I think you may be referring to. Feel free to private message me. I was finally diagnosed in 2013 riddled with 22 years worth of endo after enduring a 10 year battle with my GP who continually dismissed my severe chronic fatigue and lower back pain as being all in my head! Have continued to battle extensive Stage 4 endo and my research into the best treatment has taken me around the world! I fight to find some relief from this extremely cruel illness and to regain some quality of life. Have just had surgery in Yorkshire to address adhesions and removal of cysts, I'm due to have radical excision this October. If I can be of help, let me know. Please keep fighting, we're a string crew us endo battlers! I can understand your frustrations and sympathise greatly.

  • Around the world is no exaggeration!! It boggles my mind that endo is so common yet there are so few specialists. Good endo care pretty much necessitates travel.

    I so very much hope you get relief!

  • Thank you Allyson, I would just about be prepared to travel that far if I could find relief 😌

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