Cymbalta for endo pain ? Painkillers for everyday?

I have had four laps now and I am not bothered with another as I only get a few months break from the pain. I have tried all the hormone treatments (natural progesterone being the best) i am only 38 so menopause is a long way off. So I need pain relief, my doctor has discussed cymbalta or possibly a low dose of hydrocodone every day. Has anyone tried cymbalta or take a pain med every day?

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  • Hello.... first of all i would try both ...if the dr has suggested it and it works then i would say go for it ? The only thing is the narcotic pain med may make you drowsy to start with you may have to get used to it before you work etc etc. I looked up hydrocodone is narcotic/non narcotic mixture so it sounds like a good plan ...

    Im personally on Endone oxycodone 5 mg prn and that usually last up to 8 hours if i get the pain before it hits hard ... I had a lap Jan 21 2013 and a mirena put in and the pain is so much less in severity as before the lap/mirena i was in agony every month to the extent that endone was not touching it and i was having iv fentanyl in emergency which worked ...(good stuff :) )

  • Hi thanks for the advice. My only worry with the cymalta is its an anti depressant I am thinking it might be better to try the hydrocodone every day first rather than both at the same time?

  • hi again .... do what feels right :) xx

  • Do you take 5mg of oxycodone every day or only around period time?

  • around period time ... but they the endone are always in the medicine cabninent!

  • but remember try the hyrdrocodone without the need to work/or mind kids the next day.... juts to see what effects it has on you .... it may have none but it may make you feel 'out of it' and weird.... MY endone intially makes me feel 'high' and all i want to do is go a lie down and then when that feeling goes im ok and another hour later i feel ok and 3-4 hours after taking the intial does (1 tab=5 mg) i drive and collect kids ..AND by the time i get the kids its 4 30/5 pm and im in need of another....

  • Thanks I will try it on my own first. My pain is constant so will have to take it daily!

  • Hi, I just wanted to chime in here as I also have the rarer daily nightmare of pain that I think only a minority of us have. That's not to say once a month pain isn't awful (my Mom had that and it was), but it's different when it affects life every single day. I take a mix of pain meds and am, at this point, on oxycodone 15 mg and vikadin 5-500 mg; this has switched around a lot and every time I try something new or increase dosage I too find that I have to deal with a week or two of tiredness before I adjust. Of course, the more you adjust, the closer you'll be to having to take more medicine to get the same result. I recently started cymbalta and the last few days have been taking a lot less pain medicine. It could be a coincidence but this is the least pain I've felt in a very long time so my suggestion is to try the cymbalta but get the pain medicine because it's not going to work overnight and there's nothing worse than being non-functional from pain.

  • Hi there how are you getting on with the cymbalta have you had any side effects?

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