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does the mirena always stop your periods?


i've had the coil for 5 months and keep hearing people say 'use the coil to stop your periods' but mine havent stopped im assuming this is normal? but just wanted to check.

thank you


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Hi Ginag26 i had the coil fitted almost 4years ago. it took 6 months for me to stop bleeding. It was very light more of a brown smudge but required a pantyliner. My periods did then disappear. Unfortunately this doesnt happen for all ladies, ive been lucky. Hope it settles for you too :)J x

Unfortunately the mirena had the opposite effect on me and make me heavily bleed constantly so I had to have it removed :( they affect everyone differently x

5 months for me then stopped

but it varies in women,so i'd give it a few more weeks, because if it does kick in, what a difference it does make.

update....5 months then stopped till this afternoon. been to the loo and it's more than just a spot, boo hoo hooo hoooo, i'm having a period. A light one, but still significant.

I complained last night to my mum that i had cramps down there and today came on.

Can't complain too much it has been 15 months without a bleed. Perhaps this is a one off (hope so) 'cos i have been knocked out with bad flu in the past couple of weeks so perhaps i'm a bit up the creek from that.

Back to the paracetamol today, now I know the cramps are not a tummy bug.

Thank you for all your answers I'm actually starting my prostap injections on Monday so my periods will stop then I guess anyway. Just wanted to check thank you hope you are all well and pain free as can be xxxxxxx

My periods have never stopped completely with Mirena but they are much much lighter and easier to handle as almost no pain. I hope the combination with Prostap works for you. I bled when on the two together and needed Noristerone to calm it all down for the first few months but then it so settle. Good luck

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