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mixed symptoms could this be endo?? (SORRY TMI)


I have been back and forth my gp for around 2 years now with one thing or another. Slowly all the symptoms seem to be matching up. I don't really know where to begin. I started getting severe lower back pain on and off, also lower left abdominal pain and pelvic pain all on my left side. It then started going in to the top of my left leg.

When I was on holiday then last October with my hubby and kids I noticed the pain even more so, especially after intercourse or even during.

I was also starting to bleed during and after intercourse as well as the pain. The pain down my one leg, pelvic pain and lower left abdominal pain as well all the pain across the base of my back. The pain comes and goes and when I am on my monthly cycle its even worse. Last month it got increasingly worse though and the pain was unbearable.

I did get reffered last October to a gynaecologist. I saw a locum gp and she reffered me for ovarian cancer, I had all tests and scan done whilst awaiting the referral and thy came back all clear so confident it's def not that! I was back and forth my gp last month and 2 of the doctors I saw said they are pretty certain it's endo but needs to be confirmed by gynae consultant.

I also get constipated on and off and I also suffer very heavy bleeding when on a period as well as clots.

I spoke to the consultants secretary last week as it's starting to get worse again ready for me to come on I guess and as they have pushed the waiting time longer and me not being seen until atleast may/june she has advised that when it flares up to see gp and ask to be reffered to the hospital straight away so a general consultant can start an investigation.

Can anyone offer advise??

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Sounds like endo to me and you definitely need to be seen by a gynea before may!! If I were you I'd keep a diary of the pain and your cycle and take it to your gp who will hopefully try to hurry up the appointment for you, good luck hun xx


Have you had a smear or a ultrasound in the meantime - your GP should have done both these things as soon as you said bleeding and pain with intercourse.

It does sound endo-like: good luck honey, hope a bit of ringing and nagging can get you seen sooner. Although definitely demand a smear if you haven't had one since these problems occurred.


Yea have to have smears ever year as I had my first one after my first daughter and it showed pre cancerous cells CIN1 then 6 months later they changed to CIN2 so had to have a loop come biopsy.that was back in 2008.ive had an ultrasound and all clear as well and my smear last August was fine app. That's why I'm not concerned about cancer and seem to sway more towards endo but trying to get a diagnosis is so hard isn't it.if I hadn't researched my symptoms on here and asked them ect they prob wud have waited till I'd seen a gynaecologist!!


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