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Which is the best combined pill for endometriosis?

Hi guys

I was diagnosed about 6 yrs ago with stage 4 endo on my bowel as I was having problems conceiving and had terrible bowel pain for 2 weeks of the month (it would disappear the minute I ovulated). After 7 attempts at IVF I got blessed and pregnant with my twin son and daughter who are now 2. Haven't had a hint of endo pain since before I was pregnant until now so the lack of periods have definitely helped me. But in the last few months I've experienced a 37 day cycle with mid cycle bleeding and straight after a 19 day cycle (previously I've been a regular 28 days since my periods re-started when my children were 9 months old) and this month I've felt the faint discomfort of the old bowel pain, so something's clearly kicking off again in there.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm lucky enough to have my family so I have no qualms about getting rid of the whole works but I haven't got time to recover from a big op at the moment what with running around after my 2 toddlers. So I was thinking about going on the pill and taking it back to back to stop my periods again. I have an appt with my GP on Friday but I know that I'll probably be advising them about endometriosis and not the other way round!

If I do go for the pill do I need to request an oestrogen or progesterone based one? What's the best for tackling endo, I can't remember? I did try the POP about a year ago as I was still breastfeeding & it was the only one I could take, but I just bled continuously for about 6 weeks so stopped it.

Any advice from anyone would be gratefully appreciated.


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The best one is only progesterone based pill if you have endo. This is because endo is being fed from oestrogen. (thats why other treatments as mirena coil have only progesterone).

See what your doctor has to say and take it from there xx


Hi jo, it's a catch 22, the progesterone only ones are better in that they don't feed estrogen to your endo but you can't take them back to back so you still bleed everymonth which of course is bad for endo... Have you thought about the mirena coil? Talk to your gp and see what options they give you for openers, and make an app for a couple of weeks te to go back after you've had a chance to read up on all the options they've put on the table




Thanks guys,

hmmm my best laid plans have already gone to pot with this new info. Also I'm 40 now and someone was saying to me today that GPs don't advise the pill when your'e an 'older' lady so I'm thinking it's not really going to be an option.

The Mirena coil is beginning to sound like the best option but from what I've read on here it sounds very painful to get fitted? How do you get it fitted in fact - at your doctor's surgery? I'm squirming already......



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