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Finally........i have a date for my first lap

After a few years of scans and procedures and appointments my lap/endometrial ablation date is through, just under a month away - finally i can have that wretched mirena removed - weight loss so far 5 1/2 stone since last april, still a few more to go but at least i did the 5st that the snooty, unsympathetic lady doctor asked me to do in such a patronising way, in such a way to say you'll never do it - i had my pre-op done last july!! i think i need to say i will need another do you think as i'm at least 3st lighter than that last pre-op.

keep having butterflies now when i think about it, and what if they still dont find anything and still look at me like i'm just a mad woman lol xxx

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The nerves are to expected! Good luck with it, I hope you get some answers.


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