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Advice please prostrap injections again or not

Advice please I had a laparotomy in march last year for sever endo they were unable to remove it all , it was followed up byanother course of prostrap injections , I was pretty much pain free till dec I hated the injections I was so emotional with them . Iv been back to a consultant and there suggestion is to go back on the injections or a combined pill to try and keep it all dormant iv tryed 2 different pills that haven't helped I know the injections are the best option I just can't face all the side. Effects for the 3rd time I just don't know wot to do advice please thank you

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Hi Sparkely

It sounds like you have only two options; to keep trying contraceptive pills until you find one that both works and suits your body or to have prostap again. Was it any particular side-effect you had from prostap? I wondered if your gynae could prescribe HRT for you to help cope with this?

I am on prostap again for the second time but the first time round I wasn't keen on the sound of the fake menopause injections at all. However the effect it had of keeping my endo at bay meant I had fantastic results with it.

I realise your question was posted last month so you have maybe come to a decision by now. Hope you found something that works for you.

Caroline, x


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