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Dealing with the day to day intermittent pain

I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago had another lap last april to treat the pain and put on provera aswell as marvelon i have had usual endo aches that haven't been too bad and not needed meds for. Wednesday i found i was bleeding which was shockign as im on 2 sets of meds that stop periods. Dr said to take tranexamic acid whicch i have today i was in a lot of pain and just wanted t cry taken heap loads of naproxen to help with it as sometimes that works better than other things. I don't like to take too many meds as i have a young boy and those that work knock me out. The pain is on an off and mainly my right side into my pelvis and groin area. Feel like my insides left side of my bbody are churning and burning and stabbing. Just fed up of being in pain. How have you ladies dealt with this. Sorry having bit of a down day i guess

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Have you tried a hot water bottle? It's my saviour. Sit and curl up with one and your little boy and read a book etc. Then the stick on heat pads that last upto 8 hours for when you are up and about. Hope you feel at least a little better today. xxx


U poor thing. Ive pain very similar but its harder for u as a mam. U have to be even more well. At least i can have a lie in. I hate taking loads of painkillers but like u mine is in my rt pelvis area and groin so cant work if im not but recently im raking vitamin A as per patrick holfords guide to managing hormones. He recons vit A helps menstrual type pain. And a pharamcist advised id take calcuim with vit d for pain. Maybe that might help. Hope u get to have a bit of u time pet. Take good care.


Hi Rachel

Like Cally above I take calcium tablets and also co-codamol when I need the pain to stay to a manageable level. The tablets I have been prescribed you take with water to make a fizzy drink. I wasnt sure about these at first as I'd rather take just codeine tablets on their own. But I had to use them this week and the pain went pretty quickly. Plus I was able to function and do my day to day things without any problems. In the past I have tried naproxen and pregablin tablets but even on a high dose I found no relief from either tablet.

Hope you're having a better day today, xx


Thanks ladies I normally take multi vitamin when I'm tired and run down. Have wheat bag aswell. I feel loads better today I just get upset and down scared I'm going to end up in pain for ages and hospitalized. I can't have lots of time off because of work and my son so its tough lol thanks ladies, I hope your all ok xx


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