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Dealing with pain

Hi everyone

I'm hoping I can get some advice from you all about painkillers

At the minute I use solpadol (one 30mg/500mg tablet) and ibuprofen to deal with pain but find that it only softens the pain and the solpadol makes me really drowsy to the point where I can hardly remember parts of the day when I've taken it

What does everyone take to help with the pain of endo?

My GP has told me to stick with solpadol but I don't think it's working well for me

Any advice would be great because I'm at a loss at the minute and still waiting for lap.

Thanks in advance x

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Sorry, forgot to mention I'm having really bad pain in my right kidney area and have ended up in SAU and UCC for it before and they've found no infection and nothing on CT, do I just deal with this until lap or see gp again?


bless i remember my solpadol days...ibuprofen doesn't agree with my stomach and solpadol did not hit the right spot of Pain...morphine was the best for a month then my doc suggested the patch as my body was becoming reliant on morphine..so i use the matrifen fentanyl patch and on extreme high pain days i take some morphine too..I'm currently awaiting my post mri consultation..

have you tried the pill? its helped some people...when is your lap?


Thanks for replying

I think I'm going have go back to my gp and ask them about other pain relief and I'll ask about the patch too, I've never heard of them before, thanks

Yeah I've been on loads of different pills but they never really helped. Ive have had the coil for about 7 months now because I've been diagnosed with adenomyosis too 😕

I was told my lap would have been sometime around the end of Feb but now I'm looking at end of may unless a cancellation comes up before

Hope your consultation goes well


I take ibuprofen 600mg you can have up to 3 in 24hrs, I try to keep it to 2. I also use a wheat bag warmed! If the pain is bad I throw in 2 paracetamol every 4 he’s. I cannot take codeine as I am sick with it. Hope this helps you. 😊


Thanks for replying, I'll definitely look at getting higher dose ibuprofen and using heat more often too 😊


Instead of ibuprofen I take diclofenac sodium x

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